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125th Events

Planning Committee 

125th Anniversary Celebration Steering Committee

Honorary Co-Chairs
Wilma J. Cavill, Honorary Co-Chairs
Bob Watson, Honorary Co-Chair

Operational Co-Chairs
Judy Silva, Co-Chair
George Mihalik, Co-Chair
Laurel Dagnon, Co-Chair

Celebration Committee

Academic Programs Subcommittee
Mary Hennessey, Chair

Advancement Subcommittee
Barbara Ender, Co-Chair
Samantha Swift, Co-Chair 

Alumni Engagement Subcommittee
Kelly Bailey, Co-Chair
Kimberly Hudak-Jones, Co-Chair

Athletics Engagement Subcommittee
Paul Lueken, Chair

Arts & Entertainment Subcommittee
Thom Cobb, Chair

Communications Subcommittee
Karl Schwab, Chair

Facilities and Operations Committee
Scott Albert, Chair

Gala Subcommittee
Deb Baker, Chair

Staff Engagement Subcommittee
Karen Perry, Chair

Student Engagement Subcommittee
Brad Kovaleski, Chair
SGA, Green & White, student groups

SR Community Engagement
Ken Harris, Co-Chair
Bruce Russell, Co-Chair


They ARE the Rock!

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