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125th Events


Below this web column is the Slippery Rock University 125th timeline (Scroll down to view).  The timeline consists of a variety of Slippery Rock University historical events from 1889-2014. 

Console and Controls

On the left and right of the selected event are arrows that can be used to browse in chronological order.  The timeline has an interactive console below the selected event.  At the bottom of the console there is a “ruler-style" timeline to assist in browsing through events and to assist the viewer in selecting events out of chronological order if desired.  In the left hand side of the console, are controls that allow the viewer to return to the start of the timeline, or have the console zoom in or out.  The viewer can “flick” the ruler style timeline left or right by holding left click inside the console and “flicking” left or right while releasing the mouse button.  This may help users browse to later events in the timeline faster.

Technical Specifications

This timeline tool requires Internet Explorer 9+ or the most recent versions of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer 9 compatibility mode will have to be disabled to view the timeline tool.  The timeline tool utilizes JavaScript which may have to be enabled on the browser (depending on your current settings).  Users with slower or busy connections may have to “refresh” their browser if the timeline appears halted while loading.

They ARE the Rock!

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(Please refresh your browser if the above timeline takes an extended amount of time to load)