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 Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator 



"Our Future Depends on the
Choices We Make Today"

At the Slippery Rock University Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator (SEA), we believe that our future depends on the choices we make today. If we desire better lives for ourselves and future generations, we must utilize the power of markets and commerce to make changes.

Our Vision: To become the region's primary resource for student involvement in the development of sustainable business enterprises.

Our Mission Statement: To promote regional economic development through applied student learning opportunities in new venture creation and business consulting.

What can SEA Provide?

For those with an idea for a new business, SEA provides:

  • Guidance in transforming promising ideas into thorough business plans and early stage businesses

For those operating an established business, SEA provides:

  • Help identifying opportunities for improving value creation
  • Assistance in developing solutions for high priority business challenges

What Makes a Business Sustainable?

We interpret sustainability in two ways: it can be used to describe businesses that are built to last (or able to be sustained). Secondly, it can be described as a culture of entrepreneurship that embraces economic, social and environmental ideals and impacts in all business practices. Value is maximized when organizations exemplify both descriptions. Sustainable business is simply good business.

To become a sustainable enterprise, the entrepreneur must build the business on a solid foundation. This foundation consists of a well-crafted business plan -- one that defines the business and provides a blueprint for success and strategies that position the business for a promising future.

To find out how SEA can assist your enterprise in becoming an engine for value creation, whether you are in the idea stage or are an established firm, contact us today at 724.738.1606 to arrange a free consultation.


“Sometimes it's about making small but innovative changes. Take a product that has existed for decades and think of ways to make it better!”


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