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 Inaugural Planning Committee 



Inaugural Planning Committee
for the
Inauguration of Cheryl Norton
as the 16th president of Slippery Rock University
Friday, Sept. 28, 2012

Honorary Chairman
Eric Holmes
Executive Committee
Bill Williams
Charles Curry
Connie Foley
Barbara Ender
Rita Abent
Tina Moser
Inaugural Ceremony Subcommittee
Rita Abent*
Wilma Cavil
Lisa Gray
Dixie Hogue
Tina Moser
    Protocol - Abent, Moser
    Platform participants - Moser
    Faculty/Institutional delegates - Moser, Hogue
    Student delegates - Claudia Fisher, Brad Kovaleski
    Music - David Glover*
Host Subcommittee
Claudia Fischer*
Tina Proper
Kelli Rensel
Patty Hladio
Jodi Hensel
Stacey Booth
Sharyn McGallis
Faculty/Staff Engagement Subcommittee
Bill Williams*
Mary Hennessee
Connie Foley
Christine Pease-Hernandez
Corinne Gibson
Jessamine Montero
Brad Wilson
    Art Exhibit - Williams*
    Inaugural Symposium I - Foley*
    Inaugural Symposium II - Williams*
    Inaugural Symposium III - Foley*
Student Engagement Committee
Connie Foley*
Corinne Gibson
David Wolfe
Genevieve Bordogna
Claudia Fischer
Brad Kovaleski
Special Events Subcommittee
Barbara Ender*
    Scholarship Dinner - Deb Baker*, Kimberley Jones
    5Krun/2K walk - Greg Sferra*, Karen Perry*
        Randy Nicols, Jeff Lynn, Jon Holtz
    Community Service Project - Brad Kovaleski*,
        Laurel Dagnon*
    Tree Planting - Dallas Cott*, Sustainability Commission,
        The Rocket
Facilities, Security and Parking Subcommittee
Charles Curry*
Mike Simmons
Roger Knight
Chris Cole
Deb Schell
Scott Albert
IT Subcommittee
John Press*
Eric Anderson
Gino Cicconi
Jeff Ward
Logistics Subcommittee
John Bonando*
John Rindy
Mary Ann King
Karen Perry
Karl Schwab
Chris Cole
Brian Graham
Public Relations Subcommittee
Rita Abent*
Karl Schwab
Sandra Busch
Food Subcommittee
Tina Moser*
Deb Pincek*
Joe Balaban
Slippery Rock Community Subcommittee
Jen Whitmoyer*
Ken Harris
Ron Steele
Regis Schiebel

*Denotes chair or co-chair


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