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 Graphic Design 



Every publication, be it a brochure, advertisement, poster or Web banner, impacts the University’s reputation.  As such, it is essential that all communication elements be well designed, use the SRU wordmark, logo or seal correctly, and maintain brand consistency.

By following standards that have been established for all University publications, staff members ensure that your publications are accurate, that they reflect the excellence of SRU programs and are consistent with other university publications, and that they meet your specific needs.

The Office of University Public Relations must approve all materials that represent the University or its entities to off-campus audiences. Final approval by the publications manager is required for any editing, design, and photography work taken off campus to commercial printers, artists, or agencies. University Accounts payable will not authorize payment for services obtained in violation of this policy.

The best (and most cost effective) time to obtain approval is early in the planning process. Our professional staff can provide design assistance, from original concept through fully polished designs. They will collaborate with you to create custom pieces to achieve your goals and objectives and meet the needs of your audience. 

For a quick summary of how to prepare materials for publication, click here.

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