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 SRU Secondary Logo 



Refer to Public Relations Style Guide for usage.

The SRU logo is intended for use in athletic promotion and on other materials primarily aimed at student and prospective-student audiences. Primary use of this logo is for publications used on campus. Publications that will be used off-campus must use the wordmark. Experience has shown that the logo tends to have more appeal with younger audiences.

As with the SRU wordmark, the SRU logo is a special art item. Individuals should not attempt to re-create or modify it. Reproducible artwork for the SRU logo may be obtained from the Office of University Public Relations.

The SRU logo may be used in a solid color with or without a shadow behind the words. The shadow may be a lighter or darker shade of the main color or a second color. The official colors are PMS 342 (green) and black and white.

Similarly, the word "University" may be white type inside a dark bar or dark type inside a lighter color bar. In order to protect SRU's servicemark rights on the SRU logo, all uses of it must be approved by the Office of Public Relations.



The SRU secondary logos shown above are registered trademarks of SRU and cannot be used without permission of the University. They are noted in this guide with a "SM".

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Green SRU Logo - Green Shadow

Green SRU Logo - Grey Shadow

Green SRU Logo - No Shadow

Black SRU Logo - Black Shadow


Black SRU Logo - No Shadow

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