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A daily summary of activities at Slippery Rock University
Sunday, Dec. 21

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Dec. 12:

All day | Rock Catholic concludes 24-hour finals week open house for study at Rock Catholic Center, across from Old Main. Free snacks.

All day | Final exam week.

Noon to 5 p.m. | The Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Exhibition, featuring Aleah Saganis of New Kensington, Sarah Sloneker of Grove City and Mauricia Torres of New Castle, concludes today. Martha Gault Art Gallery, Maltby Center.

1:30 p.m. | Commencement rehearsal. All graduates required to attend. Morrow Field House.

5 p.m. | Bailey Library concludes 24-hour finals week service.


SRU will observe the holiday break by closing all offices (except University Police) Dec. 25-Jan. 1. Offices will reopen Jan. 2 with limited staff. Those needing service are advised to call in advance. (Remodeling in Old Main may mean a number of offices will be closed Jan 2.) Normal winter break operations, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., resume Jan. 5. (Regular hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., resume Jan. 20.) Previously reserved holidays will be used for Dec. 29-31 days off, but a supervisor approved annual leave, personal day or day without pay will be required for Dec. 26.

Those planning to join the Feb. 15 SRU trip to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's production of ``Beauty and the Beast'' are asked to sign up before the holiday break. The final count is due in early January. Prices range from $25 for SRU students to $70 for orchestra center, including transportation.Options include coach bus transportation or drive yourself. A backstage tour is part of the package. Details: 724.738.4499.

Today's edition of Top of The Rock will be the last of the semester. Publication will resume with the start of spring semester classes, Jan. 20. Happy holidays to all.

The SRU energy conservation committee requests that faculty, students and staff leaving campus for winter break remember to conserve energy by turning off and unplugging all unused electronics, including computers, televisions, stereos, radios, clocks, chargers, etc. The committee also urges turning off lights, turning down thermostats, closing and locking all windows and doors. Draw drapes where possible and check faucets/toilets for drips. Turn off the porch light on the way out the door. The committee reports that small steps can result in a big payoff.''

Abstracts for the 2015 SRU Symposium for Student Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement may be submitted until 4 p.m., Feb. 17. The symposium will be in the Smith Student Center April 16. Submission instructions and application forms are available at: or 724.738.4849.


Dec. 13

All day | Final day for final exams.

11 a.m. | Commencement. Tickets required for admission. Seating begins at 9:30 a.m. Morrow Field House.

Dec. 14

No events scheduled.

Dec. 15

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. | Winter office hours. (Regular hours, 8-4:30 p.m., return, Jan. 16.)

9:30 a.m. | Recognizing and Reporting Sexual Misconduct, Clery Crimes and Child Abuse Training. Pre-registration suggested: . 315 Smith Student Center.

Dec. 16

3 p.m. | Final grades due online.

5:30 p.m. | SRU women's basketball hosts Millersville. Morrow Field House.

7:30 p.m. | SRU men's basketball hosts Millersville. Morrow Field House.

Dec. 17

8 a.m. | Winter session classes begin.

5:30 p.m. | SRU women's basketball hosts Shippensburg. Morrow Field House.

7:30 p.m. | SRU men's basketball hosts Shippensburg. Morrow Field House.

Dec. 18

All day online: Drop/add deadline for winter session.


Dec. 19

2-4 p.m. | Retirement reception for Pearl Shaffer, associate director of alumni engagement. Alumni House.

Dec. 20-30

No events scheduled.

Dec. 31

1 p.m. | SRU basketball hosts Ohio University - Eastern. Morrow Field House.

Jan. 5

All day | Last day to withdraw from winter session.

Jan. 7

5:30 p.m. | SRU women's basketball hosts Bloomsburg. Morrow Field House.

7:30 p.m. | SRU men's basketball hosts Bloomsburg. Morrow Field House.

Jan. 13

All day | Winter session classes end.

8 a.m. | Senior citizens can register for spring semester classes.

Jan. 14

No events scheduled.

Jan. 15

Noon | Winter session grades due.

Jan. 16

8 a.m. | January Orientation for new transfer students and freshmen entering for spring semester. Smith Student Center.

9 a.m. | SRU World Languages Competition. Hosted by modern languages and cultures department. Strain Behavioral Science.

Jan. 17

5:30 p.m. | SRU women's basketball hosts IUP. Morrow Field House.

7:30 p.m. | SRU men's basketball hosts IUP. Morrow Field House.

Jan. 18

No events scheduled.

Jan. 19

All day | SRU observes Martin Luther King Jr. Day. University closed.

Jan. 20

8 a.m. | Spring semester classes begin.


SRU's Black History Month Committee is asking those with programs, events, activities and ideas related to the February 2015 theme for Black History Month - ``Looking Back to Move Forward,'' to submit them now for inclusion on the planned Black History Month Calendar. To have an event included, complete the form available at: .

POLICY CHANGE: SRU employees, now including student employees, who want access to their online 2014 W-2 for viewing and printing, can update the ``W-2 Election'' option in their Employee Self-Service account by navigating to the ``Payroll'' tab within the Portal, then electing the online ``W-2 Election'' option.This W-2 electronic enrollment option is open until Dec. 26.SRU has been approved for a pilot program that includes allowing students access to their W-2s online. Questions: 724.738.2069.

As part of the State System of Higher Education's response to a recent phishing attack, a decision to exercise an overabundance of caution has been made, including the ability to change direct deposit information in ESS.Additionally, all data available through ESS was reviewed in an attempt to determine how to make the system more secure. Following the review, the functionality to change direct deposit will be made available again and additional security capabilities will be rolled out, including allowing employees the option of receiving notifications to their mobile device. All employees will now see the date and time of their last ESS logon in the upper left side of the ESS screen. This can be useful to ensure that no off-hours logons have occurred. In the most recent phishing attack, all of the account numbers were changed when employees would likely not have been at work, e.g.,between midnight and 3 a.m.There is no opt-in required for this update/change. Over the next several weeks, employees can opt-in for any or all of the new alerts, and be notified by text message when critical information has been viewed or changed.The schedule is: (1) User time and long in; now effective. (2) Direct deposit updates by Nov. 30; (3) Viewing W-2 forms, Dec. 15; and (4) All updates, including email updates, Dec. 31. Overall, no security measures can take the place of common sense and good personal security practices.It is crucial that employees never release their personal information, including username and password, without first verifying the validity of the request. Questions: SRU Payroll Office, 724.738.2069.

The PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Councilis accepting proposals involvinga program to provide funding to faculty members for professional growth, which focus on the scholarship of pedagogy.The funds will provide professional development required to gain expertise in - to learn - innovative methods of teaching that improves student- learning outcomes.Funds will also promote and support opportunities for faculty to develop their skills in evidenced-based, highly effective methods of teaching and learning and employing instructional materials and methods that have a convincing evidentiary basis of effectiveness, including, but not limited to, more extensive use of modern laboratory methods, proven distance-learning education methods (or hybrids) designs and improved approaches to motivating student interest and supporting students' efforts to succeed and develop assessment strategies intended to strengthen teaching and learning.A total of $75,000 is available: maximum awards of up to $10,000 for each proposal will be considered.Each PASSHE university may submit up to two proposals as the lead applicant for consideration. The submission deadline is 4 p.m., Feb. 16. The full RFP may be obtained at: .Details: Nancy Cruikshank, SRU director of grants, research and sponsored programs, 724.738.4831.

The University's Inclement Weather Policy, including the Compressed Class Schedule, in the event of winter weather or other emergencies, is available at: . Regional radio and television stations will also be advised.

The Faculty Professional Development Council of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has released a Request for Proposals to provide funding to faculty members for professional growth. Proposals are sought in the following categories: Joint Faculty-Student Basic or Applied Research; Scholarly Research: Basic or Applied; Joint Faculty-Student Public Service; Creative and Performing Arts; and, Individual Career Enhancement in Off-Site Settings.The maximum request amount is $10,000. Deadline: 4 p.m., Jan. 26.Proposal preparation and submission instructions can be obtained at: . Contact: Nancy Cruikshank, director of grants and sponsored research, at 724.738.4831

Top of The Rock is emailed each weekday morning to the entire Slippery Rock University community. It contains the day's and upcoming week's activities as well as important announcements concerning campus. Items included are taken from the university master calendar available at: . The red checkmark indicates the item is a new or updated listing. All members of the University community may post campus and campus-related events on the University Master Calendar by using the ``Submit Item'' box. See additional information below under Instructions/Information.''

Blue Light Safety Stations are located throughout campus?and provide immediate access to University Police.?Safety call boxes are located throughout all academic buildings?and also provide immediate direct access to University Police.


Faculty, staff and students are urged to sign up for emergency alerts related to SRU. Those not registered, or needing to update information on e2Campus may do so by clicking the emergency alert icon found at: and following the simple instructions. Emergency information is also posted on the SRU homepage, sent via campus email and shared with the regional news media.

For details regarding requests for mass emails, including campus surveys, on campus, click: . .

Items appearing in top of the rock are taken from the SRU Master Activity Calendar. The calendar is also used for submission of items to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Chancellor's Office and regional newspapers. Items should be posted as

soon as the basic information is assembled. For details about posting items on the hotmaicalendar (or making changes), click here: .

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SRU Crime Information Tip line: 724.738.2SRU (724.738.2778)