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Jan. 24, 2012
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab



SRU Honors Program continues proposal success


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Slippery Rock University Honors Program students again post a near-90 percent proposal acceptance rate for the fall semester National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz.

            The National Collegiate Honors Council is a professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges that provides support for institutions and individuals developing or expanding honors education.

            “We really had great success,” said Bradley Wilson, program director. “The acceptance rate for SRU student proposals was nearly 90 percent, as it has been for the last three years. This is well above the typical acceptance rate of 50-60 percent for all students.”

            Seven SRU honors students attended the conference. Participating were: Sarah Browne, an English literature major from Cranberry Township; Madeline Carson, a history secondary education English major from Belle Vernon; Justina Cerra, a communication major from Apollo; Margaret DePree, a psychology major from Jamestown; Taylor Phillips, a safety management major from Kinsman, Ohio; Ashley Ranck, an English writing major from Stevens; and Allison Zube, a sport management major from Williamsport, Md.

“Our Honors Program has been able to attract some of the brightest and most talented students at the University. Their abilities are borne out by their ongoing success at the NCHC conference,” Wilson said. “The success of our students also reflects the dedication of our honors faculty, who work with students on their research and the ongoing support the program receives from the University administration.”

In addition to presenting their own research at the conference’s poster session, the SRU students attended numerous sessions focused on various aspects of honors education, as well as a plenary session about the controversy surrounding Arizona’s recent immigration law. 

 “It was a discussion of Arizona’s recent Senate Bill 1070, and the history surrounding its passage,” said Carson in reviewing the session. “The panel was comprised of panelists from all walks of life who provided a well-rounded study. It was an eye-opening discussion: I thought how interesting it was, and how little I knew about immigration. It was fascinating to learn from people who have encountered immigration issues firsthand. We don’t think about this issue much in our area of the country.”

Several SRU students attended a session concerning LGBT Students in Honors presented by students from the Honors Program at Eastern Kentucky University. Cerra said she found the session of potential benefit to the SRU Honors Program. “I think our Honors Program participates are involved in a lot as far as cultural diversity, but never diversity regarding sexual orientation. I think it is important for us to get involved in a such diversity project as well.”

“The NCHC Conference was a great opportunity to showcase the success of our Honors Program students and to give them a chance to meet and exchange ideas with other honors students from around the country,” Wilson said. “I expect we’ll be at next year’s conference in Boston with another exceptional group.”


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