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January 30, 2014
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

Alcoa provides SRU safety majors $5,000 scholarship support

 Jeffrey Shockey, director of corporate safety for Alcoa, has presented Joseph Cali, professor and chairperson of Slippery Rock University’s department of safety management, $5,000 to be used for scholarships and support for safety management majors at SRU.
Shockey and Alcoa have had a relationship with Cali and SRU since the early 1990s.
ALCOA has provided SRU grants, scholarships, internships and employed graduates of the safety major at its various facilities.
The latest scholarship support may be used to assist students in attending the Safety Leadership Conference hosted by ASSE, aid students with financial needs for tuition assistance, provide students with support to attend other conferences, workshops and other meetings, Cali said.
“As always, we are very thankful for our relationship with Alcoa and for the support Mr. Shockey and company have provided in past years to the safety program at Slippery Rock University,” Cali said.

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