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February 14, 2014
CONTACT: Gordon Ovenshine

New engineering, dental agreements provide SRU undergraduates options

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University's new 4-plus-4 dental articulation program with West Virginia University and dual-degree engineering program with the University of Pittsburgh will offer SRU students early admission and reduced costs.

Articulation agreements formalize an early admission process for qualified SRU students looking to forge a career in engineering or dental surgery. SRU has approved several accelerated programs in recent years because they enable undergraduate students to transition into majors at other institutions while benefiting from SRU's affordable tuition.

Pitt and WVU guarantee admission to a set number of SRU students provided they pass the required courses and maintain a specified grade-point average.

"What happens is students will find out during their junior year if they've been accepted into the dental program," said Jerry Chmieleski, SRU professor of biology. "They won't have to spend the money applying to other schools."

SRU biology majors can apply to the dental surgery program during their sophomore year, provided they have completed 30 credits. If approved by WVU, students receive an early admission and a guaranteed a seat in the School of Dentistry.

After four years at SRU, students graduate with a degree in biology and enter dental studies a WVU. During their junior and senior years at SRU, biology majors will not have to worry about the time or expense associated with admission to dental school.

The engineering program applies to SRU physics majors. Students take three years of instruction at SRU followed by at least two years of engineering instruction at Pitt. While most students may be able to complete the Pitt coursework in two years, it is not technically a 3 plus 2 program, said Athula Herat, assistant professor of physics.

To qualify, SRU students must have been enrolled for two years and received a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher in 90 credits of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Provided they meet the academic guidelines, students looking to enter Pitt's Swanson School of Engineering chose between tracks in bioengineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, science engineering, industrial engineering, materials science engineering and mechanical engineering.

Students receive a physics degree from SRU and an engineering degree from Pitt.

The agreements demonstrate the quality of SRU's biology and physics programs, because the Division I schools evaluated SRU's programs before approving the partnerships. The articulation programs will become active fall semester.

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