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Feb. 29, 2012
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab


  SRU shifts sport management major

 SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Slippery Rock University’s sport management major will move from the College of Education to the College of Business, Information and Social Sciences effective March 5.

            “It is just a great fit,” said Kurt Schimmel, CBISS dean. “It is a function of what fits into the curriculum, and it is just a better fit here. Today those employed in sport management profession are more closely tied to business than to physical education areas. That fits in better with this college and the synergies with marketing, business and other areas in the School of Business. I think students will see a number of nice synergies available to them here.”

            Kathleen Strickland, dean of the College of Education agrees: “We think the Sport Management Program is excellent, and we have enjoyed working with them in the College of Education, but as things are changing in the professional world, there are advantages to being even more closely associated with the business side of sport management.”

            At the start of fall semester there were 158 sport management majors at SRU. Catriona Higgs is the department chair.

            Faculty and students in the department were informed of the move last week.

“Students will see no immediate changes and there are no changes in the academic curriculum on the horizon,” Schimmel said. “Any possible changes in the curriculum will need to be generated by the faculty.”

“A major benefit for the sport management faculty is the opportunity for increased synergies with faculty already in the college that should lead to even greater learning and employment opportunities,” Schimmel said.

SRU’s sport management program is recognized by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation. “I like and respect that the department has a specialized accreditation, and we are going to make sure they maintain that.” Schimmel said.

Many students in the program are already taking courses within business and those in the profession report finding more emphasis in areas directly related to business. The SRU Undergraduate Catalog, in addition to specific courses in sport management, requires majors in the program to take 15 credits in such areas as accounting, communication, economics, finance, management or marketing – all offered through CBISS.

“As we go forward, I hope we will expanded research opportunities for sport management majors to work with communication faculty, computer science faculty and in other areas within the college. There is a commonality in preparing students for professional fields. Some sport management majors already undertake a business minor, so many are already involved with our college,” Schimmel said.

“Students already in the sport management major won’t see many immediate changes,” said Eliott Baker, executive director of academic records and summer school, “However, starting Monday sport management majors will be required to obtain the College of Business, Information and Social Sciences dean’s signature on any appropriate forms and those graduating in May will sit with and receive their diplomas as part of CBISS.”

Space is being allocated in Eisenberg Classroom Building for sport management faculty. Plans call for the move from the Pearl K. Stoner Instructional Complex to take place fall semester.


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