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March 1, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU expands spring travel opportunities

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University's study abroad program has added two new countries, Turkey and Sweden, and a trip focused on diversity and diversity issues to London, to its list of countries where students will study during spring break.

In all, 315 SRU students will participate in 16 separate academic and educational trips to eight countries as part of their March 14-22 spring break.

The new diversity issues trip to England involves 14 "FYRST Year Seminar" students led by Lorraine Stubbs, instructor in academic services.

"This program is connected to our FYRST Seminar and will give students the chance to meet with a number of community groups focused on community action and community support services. The students will receive a general orientation to London and take walking tours in various ethnic neighborhoods. The will see British life up close and visit a mosque, along with a community action organizations that works to improve life and support minority and ethnic groups in the city," said Pamela Frigot, director of SRU's International Services Office that arranges the trips.

"Our spring break travel seminar is a continuing program that allows students to take a course on campus as part of their normal spring semester studies, then spend a week to 10 days abroad where they can further explore the topic of their class and the culture of their host country," Frigot said.

This year, in addition to Turkey, England and Sweden, students and their professors will travel to the Czech Republic and the Bahamas, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

"For the first time, our department of professional studies and interdisciplinary programs, led by Aksel Casson, instructor in the department, and Amad Khalili, associate professor in the department, will take a group to Turkey. The students will spend a week in Istanbul, including visits to anthropology sites. They will meet up with Asli Kumari, a 2001 SRU communication graduate, who is from Turkey. She works for her family's travel agency in Turkey and will help lead the SRU tour group," Frigot said.

"They will tour the Hippodrome of Constantinople, Blue Mosque and Islamic Art Museum as part of their 'Introduction to Anthropology' class. And, they will get to see the spice market, flower market, Jewish Museum and Synagogue, take a Bosphorus cruise and a walking tour of the Byzantine Walls," she said.

"Linda Zane, an assistant professor of elementary education and early childhood development, will take 22 students to Sweden, where they will visit two schools in the Stockholm area and one in Kristianstad. SRU began hosting students from Kristianstad University this year, so it will be a nice exchange. The trip is a return visit for Dr. Zane who previously visited universities and elementary schools in Sweden," Frigot said.

While traveling, the SRU students will spend time at the university meeting with faculty and students in their teacher education program.

The largest traveling group this year is headed to Italy. Bonnie Siple, an assistant professor of exercise and rehabilitative sciences, will lead 38 students as part of a "Physical Examination of Athletes" class.

The SRU athletic training students will work with the Rome Marathon and visit the Itilian soccer team AC Milan, Frigot said.

Also going to Italy are 17 music students led by Colleen Gray, associate professor of music; 22 business students led by Bruce Orvis, associate professor in SRU's School of Business; and 21 students led by Nancy Shipe, assistant professor in SRU's School of Physical Therapy. whose students will also work with the Rome Marathon.

Headed to Ireland are 19 students in Mark Chase's photojournalism class and 20 students in the philosophy and psychology of coaching course, taught by Joanne Leight, associate professor of physical education.

The five groups traveling to England include: 19 students in the "Exercise Leadership" course taught by Susan Herman, assistant professor of exercise and rehabilitative science; 10 students in the "Introduction to Asian Civilizations" course taught by Armand Policicchio, associate professor of professional studies and interdisciplinary programs; 22 students in the "Family and Community Diversity and Partnerships" course taught by Pamela Soeder, professor of elementary education and early childhood development; and 20 students in the "Wellness Promotion and Programming" course taught by Kimberly Smith, associate professor of exercise and rehabilitative sciences. SRU President Cheryl Norton, and her husband, Henry, will accompany the group.

Thomas Como, associate professor of art, will lead 14 students to Spain as part of their "Early Modern Art" course; Jodi Katsafanas, assistant professor in special education, will lead 22 students to Spain in her "High Incidence Disabilities" course.

Sixteen students will spend their break in San Salvador, Bahamas, doing field research in island paleobiogeography led by Tamara Schippa and Jack Livingston, both associate professors of geography, geology and the environment.

Eight SRU students involved in student leadership will travel to the Czech Republic to meet with other involved students to learn how they develop student leadership in their country. Constance Foley, vice president for student life, will lead the trip.

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