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SRU Good News for March 2, 2012


SRU athletic training graduate earns commendation

Tim Donovan, a 2009 Slippery Rock University athletic training graduate, now practicing as an athletic trainer at North Carolina Wesleyan College, has been credited with helping minimize injuries a police officer received following a high-speed, car-motorcycle accident in Rocky Mount, N.C. Donovan was among those publically commended during the college’s Founders’ Day ceremonies for his actions.

According to a story in the college newspaper, The Decree, Donovan and fellow athletic trainer Joshua Long, were at the college’s football team practice last September when they heard a crash on the nearby Thomas A. Betts Parkway in Rocky Mount, N.C.

Donovan and Long were among those who rushed to the crash scene, having to climb the field’s security fence while carrying their medical bags. The two helped secure the scene and assessed off-duty officer Charles Millner’s injuries, including stabilizing his head to avoid possible paralysis until local EMTs and an ambulance arrived. Millner was expected to fully recover.

“I was not surprised at all to hear of the reaction of Josh and Tim to the situation. They’re very professional and did what they are trained to do. I would have been shocked if they had not responded. They were in the right place at the right time, to have the opportunity to do what they do. And they were outstanding in their performance,” said John Thompson, NCWC athletic director.

Donovan joined the college’s athletic training staff last year.

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