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March 8, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU Tutorial Center draws more students

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - "Slippery Rock University students are taking their studies a bit more seriously," said Mark Campbell, assistant professor and coordinator of the University's Tutorial Center. "We know that because requests for tutoring are up 11 percent over a year ago."

Campbell said the Tutorial Center in Bailey Library responded to 1,303 subject requests for tutoring from 1,037 individual students during fall semester 2012, up 11 percent compared to the previous year. "Although students may request tutoring in more than one topic, we still saw a 9 percent hike in individuals requesting help."

Numbers are also up for the current semester with 564 subject requests seen thus far. "Last spring, we handled 798 requests in the entire semester," Campbell said.

The University's Tutorial Center relies on 66 student-tutors who provided more than 6,000 contact hours to individuals and groups last term, Campbell said.

A breakdown by class rank shows freshmen and sophomores submitted nearly 75 percent of all requests, while about 25 percent of the students reported they had used the Tutorial Center in the past.

"Student evaluations of tutoring clients revealed tutors are characterized as "Knowledgeable," by 97 percent of those using the service; "Interested in clients' progress," by 96 percent of those using the service; "Supportive and patient," by 96 percent; and "Reliable," by 100 percent," Campbell said.

"Tutor evaluations showed 100 percent of them believe their duties and responsibilities are appropriate; and, they would recommend employment with the Tutorial Center to others," he said.

During fall semester 2012, 74 percent of all tutors were juniors or seniors; and, 95 percent of all tutors maintained cumulative GPAs above 3.0. Tutors must have an "A" or "B" in the coursework that they tutor, along with faculty references.

Campbell personally presented information on the Tutorial Center and Academic Services at 32 FYRST Seminars at the beginning of the fall term. "The purpose of the presentations was to make first-year students aware of the valuable free services offered by the Tutorial Center," he said.

Each of the eight College Skills Workshops coordinated by the Tutorial Center during fall semester attracted between 30 and 40 students. "Topics included time management, note-taking and tests, memory and active learning, and test preparation," Campbell said.

"While we had a successful fall semester, we are always planning ahead. The Tutorial Center has hired and trained 18 new tutors to join the staff or replace those who graduated in December or who are student-teaching during spring semester," he said.

"The Tutorial Center has established extensive group tutoring review sessions with the cooperation of the chemistry department and the physics and pre-engineering department for such classes as 'General Chemistry II,' 'Elements of Physics I and II' and 'General Physics I, II and III,' Campbell said.

"Several Supplemental Instruction arrangements now also exist with the mathematics department," he said. "Supplemental instruction leaders attend class, meet with the teaching faculty and offer structured supplemental instruction review sessions to students enrolled in the targeted classes such as 'Calculus II,' 'Pre-Calculus,' 'Elementary Statistics I' and 'Beginning Algebra.'

For further details or to learn how to take advantage of services offered by the Tutorial Center visit Academic Services, 106 Bailey Library.

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