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 SRU Good News for March 22, 2011 






SRU’s Itzi Meztli tapped for Visiting Scholars Program


Itzi Meztli, Slippery Rock University assistant professor of English, has been selected from among 300 professors nationwide to participate in the 2011 Educating Testing Service Visiting Scholarship Program at Princeton, N.J.


Meztli will spend four weeks examining SAT essay questions and test design so that tests better reflect cultural diversity.

“I was one of about two dozen faculty members selected to participate,” Meztli said. “It is quite an honor to represent SRU at ETS’s headquarters in Princeton.”

The Visiting Scholars Program will take place June 6-July1. Meztli said he would review test questions for the essay section of the SAT, the country’s most widely used college admission test.

“We want to make sure the test is fair and make sure people cannot question the fairness of essay writing prompts in the future,” he said.

Participants will examine current test design and policy issues related to assessment equality and attend seminars on fairness in testing. They will study the creation of tests and questions.

When Meztli returns to SRU, he will continue to collaborate with ETS by reviewing test content.

ETS, founded in 1947, develops, administers and scores more than 50 million assessment tests in 180 countries annually. The agency launched the Visiting Scholars Program in 2000.


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