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April 25, 2014
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU student's 'Boa-Belt' earns $1,000

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Jonathan Green, a business economics and political science major from Butler, took the top $1,000 prize in the final round of the recent Slippery Rock University School of Business Rock the Boat Competition with his "Boa-Belt" idea.

The competition is part of the school's Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator program that helps regional entrepreneurs start or build new businesses.

Green describes his "Boa Belt" as an around-the-waist belt system for hunters.

"It has a large number of pockets for carrying gloves, lunch, binoculars, cellphone and all types of related hunting equipment, including ammunition. If a hunter wants, he or she, can quickly remove the belt and attach it, including a rifle or shotgun, to a tree, giving the equipment a secure location with easy access. The hunter can easily pull the belt up into a hunting tree stand. Because there is a secure system for the hunter's rifle or shotgun, both hands are free for climbing, making the ascent, or decent, safer," he said.

"It is really an 'outdoor office' for the hunter," Green said.

Green, who has not yet produced a working model, made his presentation to the judges using drawings.

"I hope to actually build one sometime soon," he said. "I am hoping the units can be produced in the $10-$15 range, then eventually retail for something near the $50 mark."

Judges presented second and third place and two honorable mention awards in the competition.

The Rock the Boat competition, sponsored by SEA gives students the opportunity to present business ideas or products for potential development. The competition is similar to television's popular "Shark Tank," in which would-be entrepreneurs present business proposals to a group of potential capital investors.

SRU's SEA program is a primary resource for student involvement in the development of sustainable business enterprises. Its mission is to promote regional economic development through applied student learning opportunities in new venture creation and business consulting.

SEA provides those with an idea for a new business guidance in transforming promising ideas into thorough business plans and early stage businesses, and for established business can help identify opportunities for improving value creation and assist in developing solutions for high-priority business challenges.

Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.