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April 26, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU presents faculty service awards

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -Slippery Rock University honored 52 faculty members Tuesday for their service and dedication, including William J. Cavill, the longest serving member at SRU and in the entire Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Cavill, who joined the faculty in 1958, is an assistant professor of safety management. The University presented her with a green metal park bench that includes a plaque marking her years of service. When she reached the 50-year milestone, she was presented a permanent parking space on campus. The new bench is to be installed nearby.

"I thank you very much," Cavill said as she was greeted with a standing ovation. The ceremony included a "State of the University" address delivered by SRU President Cheryl Norton.

Since joining the faculty, Cavill has also served as swimming and gymnastics coach and on a number of academic and search committees. She has served as president, vice president and representative-at-large in the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty. She also serves as the University' grand marshal at academic honors activities, including commencement.

Norton thanked the faculty honored during the event for their dedicated service and teaching. "Your continued good work on behalf of our students and the University is very much appreciated," she said.

Lapel pins were presented to those in the 10-, 15- and 20-year service categories. Those reaching the 25-year milestone were presented an engraved medallion, which is worn at formal academic events such as commencement. Plaques were presented to those in the 30- and 35-year service categories.

There were no recipients in the 40- or 45-year category this year.

Recipients honored this year, by service category were:

55 years

Wilma Cavill, assistant professor, safety management.

35 years

M. Rebecca Badgett, assistant professor, special education;

Robert Bost Jr., associate professor, special education;

Thom Cobb, associate professor, dance; and

David Culp, professor, School of Business.

30 years

Lynn Spadine Taylor, assistant professor, physical and health education; and

Jesus Valencia, associate professor, School of Business;

25 years

Robertha Abney, associate professor, sport management;

Nora Ambrosio, professor, dance;

Susan Argyle, associate professor, elementary education/early childhood;

Michael Cleary, professor, public health and social work;

Alice Del Vecchio, assistant professor, professional and interdisciplinary studies;

Jeffrey Forrest, professor, mathematics;

James Hathaway, professor, geography, geology and the environment;

Catriona Higgs, professor, sport management;

Susan Parsons, assistant professor, Academic Services; and

Stacey Steele, assistant professor, music.

20 years

Cathy Brinjak, assistant professor, Academic Services,

Deborah Cohen, professor, modern languages and cultures;

Daniel Dziubek, associate professor, parks and recreation;

Carol Holland, associate professor, Counseling Center;

Cindy LaCom, professor, English;

Mary Frances Russo, professor, counseling and development;

Mark Shotwell, associate professor, biology;

Bonnie Siple, assistant professor, exercise and rehabilitative sciences;

David Skeele, professor, theatre; and

Wendy Stuhldreher, professor, public health and social work.

15 years

Thomas Bechard, assistant professor, public health and social work;

Patrick Burkhart, professor, geography, geology and the environment;

Joseph Harry, associate professor, communication;

Rose Heilman-Houser, associate professor, elementary education/early childhood;

Jennifer Keller-Birkes, professor, dance;

Ahmad Khalili, associate professor, professional studies;

Thomas Pearcy, professor, history;

Jon Shumway, associate professor, art;

Anne Slanina, associate professor, elementary education/early childhood;

Donald Strano, professor, counseling and development;

Linda Veronie, assistant professor, psychology;

Judy Werner, associate professor, elementary education/early childhood; and

Mark Zeltner, associate professor, communication.

10 years

Wayne Forbes, assistant professor, biology;

Diane Galbraith, associate professor, School of Business

Martina Haines, assistant professor, library;

Christopher Kreiser, assistant professor, English;

Jeffrey Lynn, associate professor, exercise and rehabilitative sciences;

Richard Marchand, associate professor, mathematics;

I.T. Meztli, assistant professor, English;

Mark O'Connor, associate professor, English;

Laura Smiley, associate professor, theatre;

Melissa Teodoro, assistant professor, dance;

Christophas Walker, assistant professor, public health and social work; and

Michael Zieg, associate professor, geography, geology and the environment.

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