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 SRU Good News for June 7, 2011 



Colleges of Distinction site features SRU president’s column

Robert Smith, president of Slippery Rock University, was the featured columnist in the May online edition of the Colleges of Distinction newsletter. Smith proffered advice to students about “Building Your Personal Resume Through Campus Engagement.”

Slippery Rock University was named a College of Distinction in 2011. According to Wes Creel, founder and CEO, the COD program, administered by Student Horizons, promotes institutions that are:

  • nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school;
  • strongly focused on teaching undergraduates;
  • have  a wide variety of innovative learning experiences;
  • an active campus with many opportunities for personal development,
  • highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation

“Each of our members excels in four areas of distinction,” Creel said. “They have engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities and successful outcomes.” Creel invited Smith to write about how campus engagement opportunities add to the college experience

Smith’s column described how engagement activities directly translate to skills that employers and graduate school are seeking.

“Believe it or not, the best students are those who get involved,” Smith wrote. “Why? Because engaged students learn to manage their time. Prioritizing what needs to be done when, and juggling a variety of tasks, demonstrates your ability to manage multiple priorities.

Smith’s column can be viewed at: