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June 16, 2011
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab



SRU communication graduate tracks ghosts

Most Slippery Rock University communication graduates use their degrees for jobs at newspapers, in radio, television, or even, public relations, but Daniel Hooven, a 2006 SRU  communication graduate, is using his for higher level communication – he communicates with the dead.

Hooven will be  featured on Friday’s 9 p.m. edition of the Travel Channel’s new series “Paranormal Challenge.” The show pits two teams of amateur ghost-hunters in a legendary haunted location to see which team can gather the most paranormal evidence for presentation to a panel of experts. The winning team earns “bragging rights” on their skills.

Hoover and his team, Resident Undead Paranormal, recently spent a cold night at the defunct Rolling Hills Asylum in New York, according to a story in this week’s MainlineMediaNews, a three-newspaper, online service based in Malvern, the facility is “considered a hotspot for paranormal activity.” The asylum once housed the criminally insane and the property contains thousands of graves, many unmarked. It opened in 1927 at East Bethany, N.Y., as the “Genesee County Poor Farm.”

While hunting in the dark of the empty, cold basement, Hoover, wearing night-vision goggles,  believes he made contact with a law-breaking outcast named “Raymond” who had been accused of molesting children – and had been a resident of the facility.

“He haunts the basement there,” Hooven told the media, adding he believed Raymond was very angry.

Hooven, who follows his interest by night, but has a day job with Vanguard, got into ghost-hunting late last year as a hobby. Thus far, he has traveled to Iowa and to Ohio, to investigate an underground railroad hanging.

To find out of Hooven’s team earn the “bragging rights” tune in at 9 p.m., Friday.

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