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July 19, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU completes successful '24-Hour Giving Challenge'

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -Plan, alert and then launch was the sequence of steps that proved successful for Slippery Rock University's "24-Hour Giving Challenge."

The email-based fundraising challenge launched at noon June 24 ending at 11:59 a.m. the following day, said Meagan Reed, annual fund director and program coordinator.

"It netted $3,170 in 43 gifts from alumni and friends, with most of the contributions earmarked for the 'Fund for Excellence,' meaning the money will go to the area of greatest need," she said.

The online, one-day program involved sending two, pre-alert mass emails to some 20,000 alumni and University friends informing them of the June 24-25 event. During the actual drive, a more direct request for support was sent. The emails touted the importance of giving, a number of SRU success stories and important notices and updates about different areas of the University.

One email pointed out that "Every gift counts" and told potential donors that gifts could be directed to the donor's choice; another noted, "Your gift does make a difference!" and pointed to SRU's excellence in teaching, its academic programming and community service; and a third, pointed to needing "your help to keep SRU an outstanding university for our students."

"Looking at the return on investment, it was very effective," Reed said. "All that was involved was some of my time; no postage; no printing, no additional costs."

"We pooled with Alumni Engagement and found a number of great comments came up on our Facebook pages," she said.

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