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September 6, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU unveils 125 celebration logo

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -Slippery Rock University will celebrate its 125th anniversary with a year-long schedule of activities beginning January 2014. In preparation for the event, a special 125 Anniversary logo has been designed, approved and is available for projects and programs taking place after Jan. 1.

"It was an extensive and involved process that included creation of three separate looks, then putting them on display for review over the summer," said Aaron Moore, graphic designer in SRU's University Public Relations Office. "We took input from faculty, staff and students."

"With some tweaking and after serious review, the final design was chosen. It is an image most familiar to anyone connected to the University and is a natural counterpart to the official 125 theme, 'celebrating our honored traditions, embracing our unlimited potential.' In creating the design, we wanted to capture an image that was fresh and modern while remaining in the fold of what is current in visual design."

"The logo will become instantly identifiable with Slippery Rock University's celebration of its 125 years of service to the region and the commonwealth," he said.

"While we won't be using the new logo until after Jan. 1, printed items entering the publication pipeline for distribution after Jan. 1 will make use of it as part of the design process," he said. Those planning programs, banners, conferences and events and preparing materials this semester for use next year will want to use the new logo."

"We think the new design is elegant and conveys just the right message about the quality of education at Slippery Rock University," said Laura Dagnon, director of programming for the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership and one of the three-co-chairs for the 125th anniversary celebration. "The logo speaks not only to the history of SRU as seen through the clock tower of Old Main, but also speaks to the potential of our future. We think the logo will look terrific on banners on campus as well as an identifying mark for events and activities planned for the year. Our thinking is that everything happening on the SRU campus in 2014 will be part of the overall celebration."

"This terrific logo, is just the start of great things happening at SRU as we mark 125 years," she said.

Faculty and staff running low on, or needing first time, SRU business cards may order new cards with the 125-logo now using the standard ordering procedure through the SRU Purchasing Office.

Offices and departments running low on official SRU stationary will be able to order new stationary from Printing Services with the celebration logo.

Full-color anniversary-logo envelopes will also be available using standard procedures.

"In an effort to continue to save money, we are reminding everyone that the 125 logo will only be used for one year, then we will revert to the current logo. So, those ordering business cards or color stationary should try to judge how much they will need for a one-year supply and order accordingly," Moore said. Current stocks of letterhead and envelopes with the standard SRU logo can be stored for use in 2015 and beyond.

Those on campus with access to a black-and-white printer or copier/printer and wanting to use the 125 identification after Jan. 1 will have access to a Microsoft Word template available from SRU's website. The template can be downloaded and customized and includes the 125-logo logo for individual use. The formatted letterhead template will be available online after Jan. 1

"We were very conscious of the budget challenges the University faces. This online option will allow everyone access to the celebration logo at no additional cost to the department," Moore said.

"There are some slight changes for 125 letterhead for 2014," said Sandra Busch, publications manager. "For 2014, office or department stationary will only carry the department or office name, address, ZIP code and phone number. We won't be listing individual departments or offices within a college or academic area as we currently do. Those using Microsoft Word to create documents with the 125 logo will be able to include their own name and title when creating a letter and printing it within their office."

Offices and departments ordering bulk stationary will follow the established ordering procedures using a standard Printing Services Work Order through University Public Relations, which will provide the necessary file for actual printing.

"The downloadable Word template is set up with a customizable text area located at the bottom of the letterhead. This is the designated area to type in the name of the user's office or department. The customizable line should contain the department or office name, campus address, city, state and ZIP code. Do not include names of faculty or staff members. The designated font is Arial Narrow. The size should be 8-point type. Do not bold or italicize the type. The text located under the 125 logo at the top right hand side of the letterhead is an example of the text's look," Moore said.

"To change the information in the footer, double-left-click the department text at the bottom of the page, adjust text accordingly, then click the keyboard's 'escape' key," he said. "Those using the new template should note the background image and footer will be more pronounced on printing, so when printing to a color printer, select 'grey scale printing' or a similar setting from your printer's setup menu. Printing to a black-and-white printer or copy machine with printing capabilities will insure the best results and preserve color toner usage."

Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.