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Sept. 14, 2011
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‘60x60 Dance’ concert offers rapid-fire excitement

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa.– Exciting, fast-paced and packed with meaning like a haiku poem describes the “60x60 Dance” concert to be presented Sept. 29 at Slippery Rock University. Dance majors and dance faculty members will present 60 dances lasting 60 seconds each, with video and musical accompaniment.
      The multimedia dance concert will be at 7:30 p.m. in the dance studio at SRU’s Pearl K. Stoner Instructional Complex (West Gym). The suggested donation is $1.
      “60x60” is more than just a collection of short works played in succession,” said Andy Haspenpflug, musician for SRU’s dance department and show director. “Each work is a different piece, but they are put together by artists to create a macro composition for audiences to enjoy.”
       Haspenpflug said he brought the show to campus “because it will be cutting edge and abstract enough to keep things interesting.”
     About 50 SRU students are involved in the performance, and the art department contributed 10 videos, including one by Jon Shumway, associate professor of art.
    As students dance, videos will be projected on a screen, with techno-pop, flamingo and avant-garde music complementing the moves.
     “A timer will count down the whole thing,” Hespenpflug said. “The point is that it’s rapid so if you don’t like once piece, something new is coming along. The goal is for each of the artists to make a statement in 60 seconds.”
       “60x60” was conceived and developed by Vox Novus and its founder, Robert Voisey, in 2003. “60x60 has been presented in various venues around the world, from classrooms to museums and art galleries,” Hespenpflug said.
     Hespenpflug said 60x60 is designed to expose audiences to many different choreographers and dancers with many different styles. He said the concert is a beneficial learning experience for students because they must devise a 60-second routine, pick a costume and work with other students in regards to a theme. The exercise is like playing speed chess.
        SRU’s Melissa Teodoro and Nola Nolan–Holland, assistant professors of dance; Jennifer Keller, professor of dance; Thom Cobb, associate professor of dance; Nora Ambrosio, professor of dance; and Kristen Hapke, instructor of dance, created choreography for the concert.

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