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Sept. 22, 2011
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab


Academic quality defines SRU freshman class


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Slippery Rock University continued its quest to improve academic quality within its student body and maintained its academic standards in the face of a shrinking pool of college-bound students across the region.

“We were able to retain very similar numbers this year in areas of SAT test scores, high school grade-point averages, top 10 percent and top 25 percent standing in their graduating class numbers,” said Amanda Yale, assistant vice provost for enrollment services.

SRU’s enrollment numbers released today were taken from the 15th-day-of-classe data, the official benchmark set by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

“We are putting in place a new and comprehensive student information system and uncovered some last minute glitches in pulling our first full enrollment numbers, so we are a bit late in reporting our enrollment,” Yale said.

Still, the average incoming student had a 3.41 high school grade-point average, compared to 3.39 a year ago, and SAT scores remained fairly consistent with a 1015 average score this year, compared to 1018 a year ago. This year 13.8 percent of the incoming students came from the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class, compared to 13.1 a year ago. Forty-one percent of this year’s incoming class placed in the top 25 percent of their high school class, compared to 42.8 last year.

“We have not concentrated on growth, but on maintaining and building academic quality. We have accomplished that goal, and we were able to again maintain our freshman retention rate at 81 percent,” Yale said.

SRU’s 2011-12 student headcount declined slightly from 8,852 last year to 8,712 students this year. The primary decrease was among post-baccalaureate and graduate students. 

Credit hours remained relatively static at 122,777 credit hours this year, compared to 123,948.

There are 7,393 fulltime undergraduates enrolled, compared to 7,355 a year ago, or an increase of 38 students (.52 percent), Yale said. SRU also reported a slight increase in part-time undergraduates this year - 371, compared to 369 a year ago.

SRU enrolled 752 graduate students, compared to 827 a year ago.

“Our minority student enrollment numbers also remained solid,” Yale said. “This year the method of reporting minority status changed, allowing students to select a ‘two or more races’ option in regard to their ethnic heritage, thus it appears a number of students took that option, thus changing our numbers slightly from a year ago. Next year’s report will give us a better opportunity for comparisons.”

The freshman class report for students selecting black or African American, non-Hispanic was 92, compared to 80 last year. In addition, 36 freshmen selected the “two or more races” option. Overall, 102 students selected the “two or more” option, bringing SRU’s totals to 416 black students, compared to 433 last year, and 124 Hispanic students, compared to 126 a year ago.

SRU has 7,771 students enrolled from Pennsylvania, and 887 out-of-state students, up from 863 a year ago. The largest numbers of out-of-state students come from Ohio, 409; New York, 134; Maryland, 81; New Jersey, 71; and Virginia, 28.

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