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October 22, 2013
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

SRU graduate writes Guyasuta biography

Brady Crytzer, a 2008 Slippery Rock University secondary education undergraduate graduate and a 2010 master’s degree in history graduate, has published a book titled "Guyasuta and the Fall of Indian America."

The book covers the history of Guyasuta, an influential Seneca leader who fought to maintain Indian sovereignty during the bitter wars for North America. His book traces the times of the 1790s when Gen. Anthony Wayne led the first American army — the Legion of the United States — against a unified Indian force in the Ohio country. The Indians were routed and forced to vacate their lands.

The book outlines how American Indians were affected by the wars leading to American independence through the life of one of the period’s most influential figures. Born in 1724, Guyasuta was positioned to understand the emerging political landscape of America in the tumultuous 18th-century. He led the Iroquois Confederacy for nearly 50 years, including the French and British wars, and dedicated his life to the preservation and survival of Indian order in a rapidly changing world.

Guyasuta died near Pittsburgh in 1794.

Crytzer was recently interviewed about his book on PCN. The interview is available at:

The well-research work explains how the world of the American Indians could not survive alongside the emergent United States.

Krytzer has also launched a launched a military history podcast titled "Wartime" available at:

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