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Oct. 25, 2011
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SRU’s first ‘Winter Session’ offers online opportunities

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Pass the fruitcake and laptop. Slippery Rock University will offer its first Winter Session, Dec. 19-Jan. 18. The condensed term will allow students to take one or two courses totally online and earn up to six credits toward graduation.
      More than 30 courses will be offered in business, education, college writing, criminal justice, chemistry, sociology and nursing. All are online to allow the greatest flexibility for students to study wherever they are and whenever they want.
        “The Winter Session provides students an opportunity to take a month when they’re off and may not have much going on and make it profitable,” said William Williams, SRU provost and vice president of academic affairs, who conceived the session. “They can move their degrees forward. They can improve their grade-point averages, and they can work from home because all the courses are all online.”
       The provost said Winter Session is a good way for students to take general studies courses that fill up during fall and spring semester.
       Williams said he asked the University’s four academic deans for course suggestions.
        Professors volunteered for the paid teaching assignments, similar to summer sessions.
       Williams said he would like at least 10 students enrolled for each class but realizes it takes time to establish a new academic session.
       “In any business proposition, people need to hear about it, think about it and understand the benefits of it before they necessarily jump in, but I think we’ll have a pretty good response,” he said. The other institutions in state system like Millersville have been doing winter sessions for several years. It has been successful for their students.”
        Williams said students could graduate early if they enroll in future Winter Sessions. “It’s actually not that hard, particularly if you have a couple winter sessions, to finish your degree in three years,” he said.

        Winter Session classes are open to all college students, community college students and high school students. “Of course, each student has to meet the requirements of their home institution to enroll, but this is a great opportunity for students to begin, catch up or advance on their path to graduation,” Williams said.
     For a complete schedule of courses being offered and details on how you can take advantage of this great opportunity, visit