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March 3, 2011

CONTACT: K.E. Schwab




SRU Police Chief Simmons urges safety during spring break    


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Before Slippery Rock University’s students head off for spring break, Police Chief Michael Simmons hopes they will take few minutes to protect their belonging while they are gone.

              SRU will observe spring break March 7-13. Classes resume at 8 am. March 14.

              “As students are leaving campus or their off-campus apartments, I urge them to make sure they have secured their valuables, including computers, jewelry and vehicles they may be leaving behind.”

              “Our community is safe, but in today’s age, crime can strike anywhere,” he said.    “We want all of our students to have a good time, but we also want them to return unharmed, with no surprises, following the break,” he said.

              Simmons also reminded students to be safe in their travels. “Those who are traveling by air or other public transportation should make sure they understand the security procedures in place and be ready for the required searches. Read all of the information related to what may and may not be taken aboard an airplane,” he said.

              “Those who will be vacationing away from home should remain aware of their surroundings. As we see in the daily newspaper, alcohol can be a factor in all kinds of mishaps. I urge students who chose to drink to do so responsibly. And, as we know, it is always best to travel in a group or with a friend.”

              He said students should also be alert to traffic laws, including speed limits. “This applies especially to those who are used to driving in Pennsylvania, but may be unfamiliar with traffic laws outside the commonwealth,” he said.

              The campus community, including those who will be away from their office, is also urged to “Go Green” during the break by turning off and unplugging all unnecessary appliance, including computers, chargers, printers, clocks, radios, night lights, and, where possible, refrigerators. Turn back thermostats, close and lock all windows and close the drapes.

              And, if applicable, turn off front and back porch lights.  


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