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Jan 7, 2011
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab




SRU fitness center offers tips, programs


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – It is 21 days into your “Lose Weight/Get Fit Resolution for 2011” and you will may be waning. If so, Brain Mortimer, coordinator of wellness at the Russell Wright Fitness Center in Slippery Rock University’s Aebersold Student Recreation Center, has some useful tips and a host of programs to help you stay on the right track.

           “Here at the fitness center, we joke that with all of the calories burned daily at our center, we could heat the entire campus,” Mortimer said. “Between semesters we completed work on a number of new programs that will help our members continue their fitness programs or succeed in programs they have already begun.”

           Mortimer’s top 7 tips for meeting a New Year’s Fitness Resolution are:

·      Try new activities;

·      Find friends to join in fitness activities;

·      Become involved with group fitness;

·      Schedule an orientation;

·      Talk to a professional about appropriate exercise guidelines;

·      Let a professional develop an appropriate exercise program for your goals and objectives;

·      Hire a personal trainer.

           He said if someone is interested in losing a few extra pounds, getting in shape – and willing to do the work – there is a program that will help them succeed.

           “The Russell Wright Fitness Center offers a number of special programs, in addition to the usual services of the overall recreation center, which includes use of the swimming pool, basketball/volleyball courts, climbing wall and walking track,” he said.

           One major program, Mortimer suggests for spring semester at SRU is group-fitness.

           Some of the center’s specialized programs are:

·         Arthritis Stretch where participants use gentle movements to help increase range of motion while decreasing stiffness and pain. The class helps improve strength and flexibility.

·         Boot Camp Levels 1 and 2: that challenge every muscle group, improve cardio strength and push participants to new fitness levels. A multi-level class begins with the level best for the individual.

·         Total Conditioning is a combination of full body training emphasizing cardio and strength training using a variety of equipment.

·         Core Blast helps improve the midsection with strength, function and balance exercises using a stability ball and BOSU.

·         BOSU training adds elements of balance, agility and coordination to traditional step/cardio moves and strength-training exercises. The workout helps burn calories and strengthen the core.

·         Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dance. Principles of fitness interval training and resistance training maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. The class is a way of mixing body sculpting movements with easy-to-follow dance steps.

·         Body Ball incorporates the stability ball, to put a different twist on traditional exercises and engage the core.

·         Total Body class utilizes a circuit type workout consisting of cardio and toning working the upper and lower body as well as the core. It involves weights and short intense bouts of cardio.

·         Plyo Pump utilizes an intense mix of plyometric exercises and strength intervals to get muscles working and the heart pumping.

·         Power Yoga combines traditional yoga postures with dynamic strength exercises through a breath-linking flow routine. It is a challenging total body strength and cardio workout; but is not recommended for beginners.

·         Aquacize is an aerobics in the swimming pool.

·         Cycle Aerobics uses stationary bikes.

·         Cardio Kick Boxing offers a total-body workout that utilizes the parts of training routines from the sports of boxing and kickboxing. The objective is not to make a "fighter" out of participants, but rather to give a balanced overall workout utilizing the cardio-respiratory system.

·         Turbo Kick is a total body workout that uses a variety of punches, kicks and strengthening exercises. There is an emphasis on enhancing the core and balance. Those joining the program should be prepared to sweat.

           The complete program schedule is available at the recreation center’s Welcome Center and on the Web at Programs are available to all recreation center members. Some programs are free, others are pay-to-play.

           Mortimer said spring semester’s group fitness programs kick off with free trail classes Jan. 24-30, with the formal program beginning Jan. 31 and running through May 2, except for mid-term recess and Easter weekend. A membership and program pass must be purchased or a program pass for the recreation center is required. A daily “Guest Pass” is required to join the classes.

            In addition, the fitness center offers “perks” which are free with the purchase of a recreation center membership. The perk programs include fitness assessments, equipment orientations and exercise programming. Fitness assessments include resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, body composition (% body fat), flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. 

The assessments are available all year.  “They are really a great way to establish goals for an exercise program. The participant can compare their data with norm charts and their fitness progress. Equipment orientations include instruction for correct and safe operation of cardiovascular, selectorized, plate loaded and free-weight equipment,” Mortimer said.

The orientation sessions also cover proper seat adjustment, movement speed, posture, breathing and muscle-group isolation. Exercise programming assists members in development of an individualized fitness programs. The programs include guidelines for aerobic, muscular fitness and flexibility activities based on individual goals. 

           The center’s pay-to-play programs include a variety of personal training programs such as the Rock Personal Training Program, Wright Personal Training Program, Buddy Program and the Master Training Program.


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