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Jan. 24, 2012
CONTACT: K.E. Schwab

 SRU launches mobile web


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Connecting to Slippery Rock University just got a little easier. Today the University is launching a mobile website that provides users a wealth of information about campus and campus programs through their smart phone or other electronic device.

           Information concerning applying to SRU, dining hall menus and serving hours, the latest sports scores, campus news, upcoming events and when the next campus shuttle bus will arrive is now available through the new mobile site.

           To use the new mobile site, those with smartphones or other similar electronic devices with an Internet connection, can simply connect by using their Internet browser and typing in (Note: It is not necessary to type in www)

           A related page, available on the SRU homepage ( provides specific details about information available from each icon on the site.

           “This mobile website has been months in planning and development. We worked with   songwhale, a Pittsburgh-based interactive media company, and they will continue to administer the site,” said Daniel Neal, SRU’s web designer in the Office of University Public Relations, who helped spearhead the project.

           “To help people understand what is on the site, especially those who do not currently have a smartphone, we’ve also created a page on our regular site that provides specific details but certainly isn’t as dynamic as the mobile version,” Neal said. To check out mobile SRU visit:

           “We think this new, easily accessed, site will bring a host of campus information to smartphone users, and we think the University campus will make substantial use of a number of the icons built into the site. We think the ‘Emergency’ icon on the site will prove very useful. Those using the site will see the icon turn from yellow to red in the event of a campus emergency or a change in operations such as class delays or closings. The color change will alert users to the fact new information is pending. The emergency icon also provides a list of police and fire emergency telephone numbers.”

           “We also think users will like, and use, the constant current temperature and weather forecast information offered by the site,” Neal said. The Slippery Rock weather information is constantly updated through the Weather Channel.

           Those who use the Student Government Association shuttle bus can find their stop number, then push one button to be connected to the NextBus tracking system that predicts expected arrival times.

           The list of upcoming events carried on the site draws its information from the daily top of the rock report distributed on campus each weekday. News reports on the mobile site are drawn from the latest top 10 news releases issued by University Public Relations. Sports information, including the latest game scores, is provided through links to SRU’s sports information website.

           “According to industry research, mobile devices are fast becoming the primary interface to the Internet. There are currently 3 billion mobile phones worldwide compared with less than 1 billion PCs. We felt it was important to add this medium to our communication toolbox because it provides access to our site no matter how a user chooses to surf the net” said Rita Abent, executive director of University Public Relations.

           “Launching Mobile SRU is just one of a number of projects surrounding web communications” Abent said. “First we introduced a new Web site and that continues to get refined as we use research to learn more about how people are using the site. We’ll do the same thing with the mobile Web. We are also developing some applications for the mobile site and will be working on optimizing our current Web pages for use in the mobile environment. This is a constantly changing environment, exciting, but challenging.”


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