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Feb. 2, 2011
CONTACT: Gordon Ovenshine:

Packers backers buck sea of black and gold

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, whose song “Black and Yellow,” has become an anthem for Pittsburgh sports, got it all wrong. The Super Bowl is all about the green and yellow, as in the Green Bay Packers, according to Slippery Rock University students who are brave enough to confess to an out-of-state football allegiance.

“I doesn’t bother me... all the angry glares and comments,” said Packers backer Kris Nolt, a sport management major from Stevens, who lives in Building E. “You aren’t a true fan if you can’t represent your team in the most hostile of places. I love to be in a sea of black and yellow with my Packers gear on.”

Nolt said he became a Packers’ fan while watching former Packers’ quarterback Brett Farve lead Green Bay to victory over the New England Patriots in the 1997 Super Bowl. He plans to view this year’s Super Bowl with Nick Pope, a finance major from Watertown, N.Y. and Building E resident.

“I was going to watch the game with my whole building, which is having a Super Bowl party with a 72-inch TV, pizza and wings. But since my team actually made it, I don’t think watching the game with 60 Steelers’ fans would exactly be a good time,” Nolt said. “But who knows, if the Packers are winning in the last minute of the game, I might sneak down to the party room and start rubbing some peoples noses in it.”

Nolt predicted Green Bay would defeat the Steelers, 31-24.

He said the mood on campus is great. “Everywhere I go, people are talking about the game,” he said. “ I also find it interesting to hear the Steelers’ fans admit they are actually scared of taking on the Packers.”

Pope said he “loves being a Packers’ fan in the middle of Steeler Nation. I never hesitate to sport my Packers’ gear, although I do get looks or comments, especially since they are playing the Steelers in the Super Bowl. I would expect no less, it is one of the things that makes sports fun and enjoyable.”

Pope said he and his closest friends called a truce two weeks ago and have agreed not to trash talk before Sunday’s game. But he doesn’t hesitate to talk about the outcome.

“I do hope the Packers win,” Pope said. “I would enjoy bragging rights.”

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