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March 22, 2011
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‘RecycleMania’ sweeps campus April 4-8

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. –­ Slippery Rock University will once again participate in the national “RecycleMania” program April 4-8, with a new element. To raise awareness of the program, a recycling pile showing the University’s tonnage collected during the week will be on display in the Physical Therapy Building parking lot.
             “We want to have a visual representation of the amount of recycling collected for the week,” said Cathy Sadler, assistant director of residence life at SRU. “This is our third year in the program, and we are excited about gaining more support on campus.”
            SRU students will power up for RecycleMania by conducting a campuswide cleanup April 2. Recycling collected in residence halls during the week will be bagged and contained within two or three roped-off parking spaces, Sadler said. 
            The recyclables will be transported to a recycling center at the end of the week.       
            The national RecycleMania program, based in Stamford, Conn., asks college campuses to reduce, reuse and recycle on-campus waste. The program is designed to raise support for campus recycling and sustainability measures. More than 600 universities nationwide participated last year, collecting more than 70 million pounds of recyclables.
            SRU’s residence halls will compete for a pizza party. The residence hall that contributes the most recycling as measured by weight will receive the party, Sadler said. Recyclables will be collected daily.
            SRU, a leader in the sustainability movement since its founding in 1889, has implemented a number of measures to make recycling and garbage collection “greener.” The University cleans and collects trash from academic buildings daily, while 96-gallon tote containers in buildings encourage recycling. Smaller receptacles have been placed in Old Main and other buildings.
            SRU recycles paper products as well. Each wing of the residence halls includes a recycling center for paper products, glass, aluminum cans and plastics. A cardboard bailer at the dining halls compresses cardboard so that it can be sold instead of hauled to a landfill.
            Sadler said students, faculty and staff should be proud of the progress and stay the course. “It is so important with everything that is occurring these days to always remember to do our part. We need to keep campus as sustainable as possible,” she said.
       Members of residence life, environmental health and safety, the AmeriCorps program and Center for Student Involvement and Leadership will lead the RecycleMania effort at SRU.

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