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 May 18, 2011 




SRU recognizes staff service anniversaries


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Fifty-four members of the Slippery Rock University staff were recognized for their years of dedicated service Tuesday at a luncheon hosted by President Robert Smith.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate and honor a select group of employees for their years of dedicated service to Slippery Rock University. I want to thank each of you for your part in making this past academic year a success. I am humbled to serve as your president, and I very much appreciate the enormous support I have received from you,” Smith said.

            “I appreciate your commitment to making this University a special, caring and supportive place for our students. You play an integral role in supporting the educational mission of Slippery Rock University. The fine reputation of this University depends upon the quality of our employees and the level of service they provide. I am proud to say that we have outstanding employees doing outstanding work,” he said.


Receiving 40-year recognition were:

Patricia (Kay) Castor                Secondary Education                                                   Harrisville

Barbara McGinnis                    Library                                                                         Boyers

Sonja Parenti                            Central Receiving                                                        Grove City        


35 years

James Alabran                         McKeever Environmental Learning Center                  Greenville

Diana Brest                              Facilities and Planning                                                 Kennerdale


30 years:

James Anderson Jr.                  Heating Plant                                                               Slippery Rock

Eliott Baker                              Academic Records/Summer School                             Mercer

Kay Cirillo                               Academic Records/Summer School                             Freeport

Karen Davis                             Administrative Information Systems                            Grove City

Barbara Frankenburg               Music                                                                           Grove City

Pamela Frigot                           International Services                                                  Mars

Lori Wolfe                               Central Receiving                                                        Parker


25 years:

Laura Bateman                        Health Services                                                            Slippery Rock

Carrie Birckbichler                  Institutional Research                                                  Slippery Rock

John Bonando                         Student Services                                                          Slippery Rock

Robin Campbell                       College Health, Environment and Science                   Slippery Rock

Timothy Carney                       Facilities and Planning                                                 Grove City

Carolyn Colosimo                    Enrollment Services                                                     Slippery Rock

Rebecca Cratty                        Conference Services                                                    Grove City

Michelle Houston                    College of Education                                                   Slippery Rock

Carrie Kerr                               Student Services                                                          Harmony

Jeffrey Messer                         Athletics                                                                      Slippery Rock

Sandra Mills                             Financial Aid                                                               Volant

John Papa                                Athletics                                                                      Slippery Rock

Raymond Thompson               Administrative Information Systems                            Slippery Rock

Brad Winrader                         Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Amanda Yale                           Enrollment Services                                                     Zelienople

JoNell Yard                             Student Accounts                                                         Harrisville


20 years:

Herbert Carlson                       Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Robert Grabbe                         Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Nicole Habbyshaw                  Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Fred Sankey                             Heating Plant                                                               Slippery Rock

Alan Schmelzer                       Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Kimberly Zedreck                    Graduate Admissions                                                   Hilliards


15 years:

Mimi Campbell                        Admissions                                                                  Grove City

Debra Dickey                          Mathematics                                                                Slippery Rock

Joseph Drobney                       Library                                                                         Harrisville

Noreen Herlihy                        Athletics                                                                      Jackson Center

Shelly Miller                            McKeever Environmental Learning Center                  Franklin

James  Peters Jr.                       Automotive                                                                  Emlenton

Michael Vigliotti                      Residence Life                                                             Salem, Ohio


10 years:

Kathy Burton                           Mailroom                                                                     Mercer

Randall Crawford                    Enterprise Applications                                                Grove City

Vonda Kuhn                            Accounting Services                                                    Volant

Joseph Macurak                       Facilities and Planning                                                 Karns City

Rita McClelland                       Library                                                                         Slippery Rock

Robert McComas                     Sports Promotion                                                         Slippery Rock

Kathy McKee                          Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Kevin McLatchy                      Library                                                                         New Wilmington

Mark O'Connor                        Human Resources                                                        Evans City

Connie Reeder                         Facilities and Planning                                                 Slippery Rock

Thomas Reynolds                    McCoskey Center                                                        Slippery Rock

Cathie Sadler                           Residence Life                                                             Grove City

James Stoops Jr.                      Facilities and Planning                                                 Grove City


Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania’s premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.