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Aug. 31, 2010
CONTACT: Gordon Ovenshine
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Campus Family Campaign begins Sept. 14

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Tracy Allison, Slippery Rock University Annual Fund manager, describes the situation as urgent. “Families are struggling to find a way to pay for college,” she said. “We know for a fact that some students will be unable to come to or continue school without assistance. The immediate need for private support has never been greater.”
            This year’s Campus Family Campaign, the University’s primary fundraising program targeting faculty and staff and providing assistance to students, begins Sept. 14. The kick off includes a 1:30 p.m. ice cream social in the Quad and is open to all staff and faculty.
            University employees can contribute through payroll deduction, cash or continuing gifts.
            Allison said the program includes two television giveaways and $20, biweekly Giant Eagle gift certificates. Employees who enroll in the program for the first time with a minimum total payroll deduction of $25 and those who increase their existing payroll deduction by at least $5 per pay by Oct. 29 qualify for the television drawings.  All participants qualify for Giant Eagle vouchers. No public funds are used for incentives associated with the Campus Family Campaign.
            Allison said 52 percent of SRU employees contributed last year, raising $142,375 for student scholarships, athletics and other causes as designated by contributors. The goal is to increase participation to 55 percent this year, she said.
            She said 41 percent of the $142,375 went toward academic scholarships, 18 percent toward athletics and the rest to other allocations benefiting students.
           “Those of us at Slippery Rock University know the deep sense of camaraderie and the joint feeling of purpose we share in helping students,” Allison said. “Your gift, no matter the amount, really can make a difference.”
            Campus units that reach 100 percent participation are eligible for incentive funding of up to $13,000, Allison said.
If more than one department reaches 100 percent participation, the incentive funds will be split accordingly.  For instance, if the biology department is the only department who reaches 100 percent participation, they will receive $13,000 but if the biology and math departments each reach 100 percent participation, they each will receive $6,500.

             “Please get involved,” she said. “Some families were planning on sending their children to college, but because of the downturn in the economy, can’t without assistance.”
             The campaign continues through Dec. 31. Giant Eagle gift certificate drawings will continue biweekly through Dec. 31.
             Call Allison at 724.738.2182 for more information.

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