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 SRU's Campus Family Campaign exceeds campaign goals 




January 23, 2009

Contact: K.E. Schwab  



SRU's Campus Family Campaign exceeds campaign goals        


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Organizers of the 2008-09 Campus Family Campaign at Slippery Rock University are more than pleased by the results. Family and staff contributed $132,003.

           "We set our goal at 28 percent participation - 252 employees - and we were truly gratified to find our level of support at 49 percent participation - 441 employees - showing clearly that our faculty and staff recognize the importance of giving back to Slippery Rock University," said Barbara Ender, vice president for University advancement.

           The campaign, which targeted all SRU employees, ran July 1 through Dec. 31 and raised $17,419 more than the $114,584 goal. Carol Holland, associate professor in the Counseling Center, and Bruce Russell, dean of the College of Business, Information and Social Sciences were co-chairs for the campaign.

           "Our unit leaders were terrific in building support," said Tracy Allison, Annual Fund manager and campaign director. "Their help was immeasurable. The leaders worked with their individual units to encourage campaign support and when the drive ended, it was clear their work paid off."

           "We are pleased to report 11 units reached 100 percent participation in the campaign and are now eligible for $1,364 each in incentive funds," Allison said. The incentive funds will be credited to their department account to support department activities. 

           Areas receiving the funding are: athletics, the biology, exercise science and rehabilitative sciences, music and theatre departments, the Center for Student Leadership, the College of Business, Information and Social Sciences/Dean's Office, the Institute for Community, Service-Learning and Nonprofit Leadership, the Purchasing Office, the Division of Student Life and the Regional Learning Alliance. The Office of the President and the Division of University Advancement also reached 100 percent participation, but were not eligible for the inventive funding.

           "We were particularly excited to see the number of employees opting to take advantage of the payroll deduction option," Allison said. The campaign had a goal of 175 employees and ended with 313 participating through payroll deduction.

           "We believe our publicity and prize packages excited faculty and staff about the campaign. As previously announced, I.T. Meztli, assistant professor of English, won the top prize a flat-screen, digital television and six others received Giant Eagle gift certificates," Allison said.

           Certificate winners were Karen Hogg, clerk typist II in the modern languages and cultures department, Dorothy Thompson and Dorothy Negley, both library assistant IIs in Bailey Library, Bill Rudloff, director of campus environment health and safety, Patrick Harvey, assistant professor of social work, criminology and criminal justice, and Sandra Snyder, custodial worker II in facilities and planning.

           The campaign's closing event is at 2 p.m. Monday in the Russell Wright Alumni House and Conference Center where 100 percent participation units will be honored.


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report