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 EDITOR'S ADVISORY: SRU Professor to Vote in Iraqi Election 



EDITOR’S ADVISORY                                    1-27-05

Editor/reporters looking for a local/regional person who will be voting in the upcoming Iraq elections are advised thatDr. Abbass Alkhafaji, professor in Slippery Rock University’s School of Business,will be among his family members traveling to Michigan on Saturday [Jan. 30] to cast his ballot.

The round trip will cover nearly 600 miles from his New Castle home to the polling station.

Dr. Alkhafaji holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Iraq, and is thus permitted to vote. Earlier this month, he traveled to the polling place to register. Dr. Alkhafaji, who frequently returns to the Mid-East (but not Iraq) as a lecturer and researcher, has been an outspoken critic of Saddam Hussein and his leadership of Iraq.

To reach Dr. Alkhafaji, call his office direct at 724-738-2588 (or contact 724-738-2199).

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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report