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 Good News: Keystone Research Center taps Laurel Dagnon for economic post 



SRU Good News for Dec. 4, 2009


Keystone Research Center taps Laurel Dagnon for economic post


Laurel Dagnon, director of programming for Slippery Rock University's Institute for Community, Service-Learning and Non-Profit Leadership, will be exploring strategies for improving Pennsylvania's economy as the newly appointed board of director for the Keystone Research Center in Harrisburg. The research and policy institute is working to create jobs.
            "We are so excited to get her because she's very active politically and a leader from the community standpoint," said Robin Greene, Keystone board president. "Having that type of energy and diversity is very important to us."
            Dagnon said the three-year appointment excited and flattered her. "I've always been active politically and have a keen interest in the citizens of Pennsylvania," she said. "Anything I can do to help people in some way will be very pleasing to me."
             Lazar Palnick, a private practice attorney and Keystone board member, nominated Dagnon. "She came highly recommended by him," Greene said.
            The Keystone Research Center was created in 1996 to broaden public discussion on strategies to achieve a more prosperous and equitable state economy. The center
conducts original research, produces reports, and promotes public dialog that addresses important economic and civic problems, and proposes new policies to help resolve those problems.
We speak for folks who generally aren't on the radar, the silent and often ignored lower middle class," Greene said. "Our role is to do the research and give it to folks who are in a position to go out and spark job creation."
          The center provides research to the State Legislatures, unions and Pennsylvania Works, which promotes sustainable economic development, Greene said.
         "The main area of concern is jobs and appropriate education that will lead to good-paying jobs," Greene said. "At the end of the day, the economy is not going to get back on track without more people working and making livable wages."
Dagnon joined SRU 25 years ago. The institute coordinates SRU's community outreach programs that are led by students.


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report