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 Good News: SRU's professor's insights part of TV's upcoming 'Haunted Prison' 



SRU Good News for Jan. 21, 2010


SRU's professor's insights part of TV's upcoming 'Haunted Prison'


     Paul Kahan, assistant professor of history at Slippery Rock University, will be among those featured in the television documentary "American Paranormal: Haunted Prison."

    The documentary will premiere at 9 p.m. Sunday on the National Geography Channel. The show will be rebroadcast at midnight Monday and 2 p.m. Jan. 31.

    As part of his interview, Kahan, who joined the SRU faculty last fall, discusses the history of Eastern State Penitentiary located in Philadelphia. The penitentiary, said to be the one of the most haunted places in America, was the subject of Kahan's first book "Eastern State Penitentiary: A History."

    Kahan argues there is not historical evidence that the prison is haunted.

    Since its closing in 1971, many have reported hearing eerie voices, weeping and tormented screams, while others have seen shadows dart in and out of cells. As part of the documentary, investigators use the latest technology to search for paranormal activity. 

    Motion sensors are rigged, night-vision and infrared cameras positioned, acoustic triangulation systems are set up and 3-D laser scanners offer a rare view inside the facility.


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