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 Music video filmed at SRU premiers Wednesday 



Oct. 9, 2007
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Music video filmed at Slippery Rock University premieres Wednesday


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - "First One On the Blog," a music video filmed at Slippery Rock University for the North Carolina pop band Farewell, will premiere Wednesday on Myspace Video. More than 15 SRU students served as extras, filling out classroom and hallway scenes.

            "First One On the Blog," off the group's Epitaph debut "Isn't This Supposed to be Fun!?," pokes fun at "establishment" high school culture and includes a scene in which students attend a class called "Blogging 101." 

            At one point, the band's lead singer gets sent to the principal's office for misbehaving. That scene was taped in the Strain Behavioral Science Building office of William McKinney, SRU's dean of the College of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts.

            Endeavor Media Group taped the entire video in Strain. The five-member band and the SRU extras spent two days working on the video, which showcases both the band's high energy brand of power pop and rollicking sense of fun.

   raves, "Isn't This Supposed to be Fun!?" does a wonderful job of twisting rock, pop and synth together to make for a very enjoyable listen."


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