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 Veteran Professor launches SRU President's Capstone Lecture Series 




November 27, 2007

Contact: K.E. Schwab



Veteran professor launches SRU President's Capstone 

Lecture Series


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Francene Haymon, professor in Slippery Rock University's Counseling Center and 33-year veteran employee of the University, will be the inaugural speaker for the University's new President's Capstone Lecture Series.

            Haymon, who retires Jan. 4, will deliver her capstone address in a lecture titled "What Does it Mean to be First." 

           The lecture is at 2:15 p.m. Dec. 6 in the North Hall Welcome Center. A reception follows. 

            "I'm excited about retirement, but it also means new opportunities. The first thing on the agenda is becoming president of the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, a division of the American Counselors Association. Starting in March, I will be working with the group out of Washington, D.C. Until then, I plan to relax, take in the scenery and work with my daughter, a fifth-grader in Cranberry," Haymon said. She also has plans for a book.

           The Capstone Lecture Series was created by SRU President Robert Smith as a means for retiring faculty to address the academic community and present observations about their field of study as well as recap their SRU service.

           "I'm extremely pleased that Dr. Haymon is kicking off this important new lecture series. She is highly regarded throughout the campus and her profession" Smith said.

           Haymon said she was honored to help set the tone for the Capstone Lecture Series and has appreciated Smith's support of her work. In fact, she said, when he accepted her notice of retirement, he wrote, "Thank you for your dedication and for the enthusiasm with which you approached and accomplished your work. I am sure that you've had a positive influence on many students and colleagues over the years. You have meant a great deal to the students and staff here. You are going to be missed by so many. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement."

           A graduate of Shaw University, Haymon earned her master's of education and her doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh. She also earned her counseling supervision specialist designation at the University of Pittsburgh.

            Hired in 1974 as a university administrator, she was named an assistant professor the following year. She was promoted to associate professor in 1977 and became a full professor in 1992. She was named chair of the center in 1990 and served for two years.

           Haymon, long known for her caring, friendly professional manner, was cited as a "kind," "patient," "helpful," "supporting" and "warm" professional in student evaluations. She was also recognized for her ability to "project energy and enthusiasm" to those she served.

           "She is truly going to be missed. Dr. Haymon has provided outstanding leadership and organizational skills, and I know a number of campus organizations for which she has served as adviser will truly feel a sense of loss. She will be hard to replace," said Carol Holland, associate professor and chair of the Counseling Center.

           In addition to her counseling work, Haymon has taught a freshman FYRST class and served as adviser to students who had not yet declared a major.

            Prior to joining SRU, Haymon taught in public schools in Newark, N.J., and Pittsburgh. 

           While at SRU, she served as president of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association. She is a licensed  National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor. Haymon served as chair of the business liaison committee for PBCOHE and was involved with its Career Coaching Project. She was also a member of SRU's Rising Star program and has been a board member of the Keystone Tall Tree Girl Scout Council. She served as adviser to the national social sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha at SRU and the University's Sista-2-Sista organization. 

            Haymon served a year as interim director of SRU's Office of Minority Student Affairs. During her tenure, she was involved with the Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education receiving its Outstanding Leadership Award. She was active in the American Counselors Association, Pennsylvania Counselors Association, North Atlantic Region of the American Counselors Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development, and the Seneca Valley School District. She served on the advisory board of the Pennsylvania State Inter-agency Early Intervention Council for Intermediate Unit IV.

            Haymon is a recipient of the SRU President's Commission on Women's Woman of Distinction Award. 

           Her scholarly contributions include a number of publications, including "Minority Women Re-entering the Job Market," published in the American Personnel and Guidance Association Journal, and "Counseling Licensure in Pennsylvania," published in the Pennsylvania College Personnel Association Journal, among others.

           She is a Cranberry Township resident.

            The public is invited to attend the free lecture.


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