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 SRU freshmen build two computers for I Care House in New Castle 




December 15, 2008

Contact: K.E. Schwab  




SRU freshmen build two computers for I Care House in New Castle


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Thirty-three students in David Dailey's "Computer Science Freshman Seminar," one of Slippery Rock University's FYRST Seminar classes, used a mini-grant from the SRU Institute for Community, Service-Learning and Nonprofit Leadership and matching funds from the FYRST Program to design and build two personal computers to be used by the institute's I Care House in New Castle.

           Dailey, SRU professor of computer science, said, "While we primarily used new parts, we were able to reduce costs by recycling parts from obsolete equipment in the department to build the computers."

           Each computer contains an AMD dual core, 2.5MHZ processor, two gigabyte RAMs, 320 GB hard drive as well as a DVD/CD burner, optical mouse, keyboard and color monitor. 

           "The computers were constructed over two class sessions, with every member of the seminar contributing in some way. The machines flawlessly booted on the first attempt," Dailey said. 

           Alice Kaiser-Drobney, institute director and assistant professor of professional studies, accepted the computers on behalf of the institute and thanked those involved with the project.

           The I Care House is a community project now serving residents with adult and children's programming that is making a difference in the life of their neighborhood on New Castle's south side. The house concept was first proposed in 1997 by SRU students who were tutoring children in New Castle's east side. The two-story house is used as a neighborhood gathering place for senior citizen luncheons, craft sessions and after-school programs for area youngsters.

           SRU's FYRST Advising Program is designed to personalize incoming students' first year by ensuring they receive a high standard of academic advising from pre-enrollment to orientation, and throughout the year. The program provides assistance to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to select an academic program or major that best suits their individual abilities, interests and career goals.


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report