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 Good News: SRU graduate shows butterflies are free - and fun 



SRU Good News for Sept. 25, 2008


SRU graduate shows butterflies are free - and fun


Sometimes a simple classroom project makes a lot of people happy, and makes the news.

            Such was the case for Brooke Long, a summer Slippery Rock University master's graduate in environmental education from Glenshaw, who launched a yearlong butterfly project at Vincentian de Marillac, a retirement home in Stanton Heights. 

Her project and work with butterflies was part of her ecology master's thesis and attracted the attention of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Long is a teacher at Riverview High School.

            The newspaper focused its attention on the interest undertaken by residents and staff at the home as they raised the insects from caterpillars to fly-away butterflies in early summer.

            Paulette Johnson, SRU professor of parks and recreation/environmental education, said her students frequently offer public service - environmental projects such as this as part of their classroom learning.

            The project was spearheaded by Long's mother, Aimi Long, director of volunteers and activity at the facility where the insects were raised in the basement.

All of the interested residents delivered the appropriate ooose and aaahhs, before the fully-formed butterflies were released.

Long showed residents how to create a butterfly garden at the facility by placing containers to attract the insects and how to nurture the young before releasing them.

To read the Post-Gazette's full story of the resident's participation, visit:





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