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 Good News: CNN's Anderson Cooper features SRU's Richard Wukich tonight 



SRU Good News for Jan. 29, 2010


CNN's Anderson Cooper features SRU's Richard Wukich tonight


Richard Wukich, Slippery Rock University professor of art, is among those spotlighted tonight on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360�" special "CNN HEROES: Saving Haiti." The special airs at 10 p.m. today and is to be rebroadcast throughout the weekend on the cable news channel.

Wukich, who joined the SRU faculty in 1968, and his daughter, Danika, a former SRU student now living in Pittsburgh, left for the Dominican Republic last weekend with plans to make their way to earthquake-damaged Haiti to promote production and manufacture of ceramic water filters that remove harmful bacteria and make water potable.

Cooper's news special will examine the strength of Haiti's survivors, the hope of the people and how individual acts of heroism are helping rescue those in the island nation stuck by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake Jan. 12. Tremblers and aftershocks continue to threaten Haiti, even as help pours into the country of nearly 10 million people.

The CNN news anchor interviewed Wukich and other involved in the manufacture of the water filters earlier this week in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti's capital.

Before heading to Haiti, Wukich, a ceramist, said he hoped his work with manufacturing ceramic water filters would be helpful in providing potable water for those in desperate need of water and food following the earthquake.

Wukich has long touted the filters which are easily made from ceramic mud embedded with colloidal silver. The colloidal silver kills harmful bacteria, including the deadly E. coli bacteria, as the water flows through the ceramic jug. The filters are inexpensive - and quick - to make. Wukich helped establish a filter manufacturing demonstration site at the Braddock Library in Braddock.

SRU and other universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education are pooling their resource to provide aid to Haiti. Students and campus organizations are urged to view the special "Haiti Relief Efforts" link on the SRU homepage to see what others are doing and add their projects or join existing projects.


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