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 80 SRU Students to Spend Spring Break Offering Community Service Across U.S. 




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     SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -- Eighty Slippery Rock University students will spend spring break helping others in communities across America as part of this year's Spring Break Care Break Program offered through the university's Institute for Community, Service-Learning and Nonprofit Leadership.

      Bobbi Jo Wendel, graduate assistant and coordinator of the Care Break project, explains SRU students will help community members in seven locations make a difference, including inaugural trips to San Diego, Calif., and Pensacola, Fla. In addition, students will return to Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Denver, East St. Louis and Baltimore where CareBreaks have been offered in the past.

      "This is really an opportunity to learn about others and yourself," says Wendel, who is studying community counseling in SRU's master's degree program. "Our students make friends and learn leadership skills as part of their community service project. They organize the trip, raise funds to support the travel and then deliver important community service as part of the program."

      Each of the 12-member traveling groups of students will depart campus March 5, and after arriving at their Care Break site work with a host organization in delivering community service and developing leadership skills.

      In Atlanta, SRU students will team with the city’s Task Force for the Homeless working with organizations dealing with homeless issues and concerns. The agencies include the Atlanta Interfaith AIDS Network, Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children and the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

      In Baltimore the partner will be Civic Works, an AmeriCorps program, with SRU students helping develop urban parks and homes and helping with academic and recreational after-school programs.

      In Baton Rouge, SRU students will work with the Boys and Girls Club tutoring and mentoring participants. They will help the city remove graffiti and work with homeless shelters. The students will join with the American Red Cross, Louisiana State University’s Campus Volunteer Program, Volunteers of America, Youth Oasis Children's Shelter, Family Emergency Shelter and the St. Vincent DePaul Warehouse Donation Center on various projects.

      At Denver, students will join the Mile High Youth Corps in helping high school dropouts obtain GED's and participate in a variety of environmental projects with the at-risk youth as well as work with volunteers at the local Ronald McDonald House.

      East St. Louis will see SRU students working in inner-city schools and at after-school programs. The SRU volunteers will also work with terminally ill children at the Ronald McDonald House.

     Pensacola work will include efforts at the United Methodist Church and with Rebuilding Northwest Florida aiding those whose homes were destroyed by last fall’s hurricanes; and

      In San Diego, volunteers will work with the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department rebuilding trails and areas ruined by forest fires. Students will give time to the San Diego Rescue Mission working with homeless urban adolescents.  

      The Spring Care Break program at SRU was started in 1994 and has seen more than 800 students participate.  Volunteers have spent 134,000 hours contributing more than $1 million in service.

      EDITOR’S NOTE: A list of participating students is enclosed.                        PN, PgN, WPN, PR, PT – S



Name                                       Hometown                    Major

Andrea Derr                             Allison Park                  Social Work

Rebecca Shingleton                   Ambridge                      Anthropology

Amie Homa                              Bunola                          Communication

Cathy Rudowsky                       Pittsburgh                     Faculty

Wesley Tagliaferre                    Reynoldsville                 Communication

Brandon Reiter                          Reynoldsville                 Elementary Education

Jenett Moyer                             Franklin                        College Student Personnel

Lindsay Weber                          Pittsburgh                     Sport Management

Elizabeth Frisina                        Erie                              Elementary Education

Adrienne Chambers                   Blairsville                      Psychology

Amy Kean                                Pittsburgh                     Psychology

Rebecca Hume                         Bethlehem                    Social Work



Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Deanna Smith                           Monaca                        Psychology

Ashlee Boylan                           McKees Rocks             Social Work

Rebecca Miller                          McKeesport                  Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities

Myrna Newman                        New Castle                   Mast of Science in Sustainable Systems

Abigayle  Koller                        New Castle                   English Literature

Jessica Allenberg                      Natrona Heights            Elementary Education

Janeace Holko                          West Mifflin                  Physical Education

Shannon Costanzo                     Natrona Heights            Math

Jason Foster                              Smethport                     Sport Management


Baton Rouge

Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Curtis Taylor                             Corry                            Political Science

Valerie Miloser                         Ellwood City                 Elementary Education

Jennifer Adamczyk                    Slippery Rock                Community Counseling

Stacey Gregor                           Pittsburgh                     Elementary Education

Angela Cononie                         Pittsburgh                     Health Services Management

Carrie Skuza                             Garfield Heights, OH     Exploratory

Rebecca Wheeler                      Aurora, OH                  Exploratory

Ebony Bishop                            Erie                              Sociology

Tara Hohman                            New Castle                   Elementary Education

Sarah Arafa                              New Castle                   Elementary Education

Ryan Gaines                             Erie                              Sociology

Gerard Love                            






Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Lauren Smith                            Pittsburgh                     Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities

Stephen Bodnar                         Pittsburgh                     Philosophy       

Melissa Seidle                           Clarion                          School Counseling

Joanne Santus                           Slippery Rock                Faculty

Erica Wanninger                       New Bethlehem            Elementary Education

Steve Winslow                          Butler                           Secondary Education

Scott Britton                              Cheltenham                   Master of Science, Sustainable Systems

Krista Smith                              Chicora                         Secondary Education

John Chmiel                              Pittsburgh                     Secondary Education

Jennifer Cmar                           McKeesport                  Elementary Education

Rachel Bradley                         Glassport                      Environmental Science

Lindsey Stanton                         Cranberry                     Human Resource Management


East St.Louis

Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Mika Sasaki                              Nagoya,Japan               Community Counseling

Stacey Mrazek                          Pittsburgh                     Elementary Education

Jamale Crockett                        Erie                              Economics

Shannon Gabel                          Cranberry Twp.            Elementary Education

Meredith Parkhill                       Moon Twp.                   School Counseling

Natalie Macek                          Imperial                        Elementary Education

Rachel Henry                            New Castle                   Communication

Brittany Gabel                           Cranberry Twp.            Elementary Education

Casey Moss                              Claysville                      Elementary Education

Autumn Irons                            Freedom                       Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities

Ashlea Novalis                          Monongahela                English Education

Tasha Wesley                           Freedom                       Community Programs for Americans with Disabilities




Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Emily Dauber                            Erie                              Communication

Krystal Matich                          Aliquippa                      Elementary Education   

Krista Maker                            Pittsburgh                     Marketing

Tracy Widmer                           Rochester                     Elementary Education   

Jamie Paterline                          West Newton                Elementary Education

Sarah Penniman                        Hermitage                     Biology

Heather Lougee                        Grove City                    Master of Science, Parks and Resource Management

Tumenjargal Gantumur              Mongolia                       English

Nomintuya Baasankhuu             Mongolia                       Art

Corey Raible                             Martinsburg                  Sport Management

Melissa Kasula                          Washington                   Communication

Randall Pitstick                         Faculty                        


Name                                       Hometown                  Major

Bobbi Jo Wendel                       Johnsonburg                  Community Counseling

Mike DeEmilio                          West Grove                  Physical Education

Julaine Field                              Slippery Rock                Faculty

Martina Hall                              Austria                         Communication

Andrea Colak                            Serbia                           Environmental Sciences

Courtney Stiles                          North East                    Communication

Candice Lubbert                        Ambridge                      Biology

Jillian Ramirez                           Flushing, NY                 Exercise Science

Jackie Harvey                           Horsham                       Community Health

Elo Robertson                           New Castle                   Psychology

Aaron Morphy                          McKees Rocks             Community Health

Mark D'Amico                          Ellwood City                 Sport Management




Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report