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 It's not a paparazzi invasion, just SRU student photojournalists 



February 24, 2010

CONTACT: K.E. Schwab


It's not a paparazzi invasion, just SRU student photojournalists         


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - It may appear a crop of paparazzi has blossomed on the Slippery Rock University campus, but in fact, it is just 20 photojournalism students meeting their class requirements.

           The students are enrolled in Mark Chase's "Photojournalism 13-247" class. Chase, who joined the faculty in 1983, is an associate professor.

           As part of their course requirements, each student must submit at least five photos each week worthy of publication by the news media.

           "Students get suggestions for the photos from The Rocket, from others on campus or can come up with their own ideas to cover campus events," Chase said. Some students use their own digital cameras, while others make use of department equipment.

           Part of the class, which is included in the communication department's emerging technology/multimedia track, is dedicated to meeting deadlines Chase said.

            Students are required to upload their photos to the course's site on, an online photo storage and retrieval system, which is also used by University Public Relations to store official University photographs. The student's work may be viewed and downloaded at: Official SRU photographs for use on the SRU Web site, in brochures and posters, are available at:, then include the search term SRUPR and other appropriate terms, such as "commencement," "convocation" "snow," etc. 

Hard copies of the student's photos must also be submitted for evaluation, Chase said.

            "The course also focuses on composing news photos and writing cutlines and captions. We will alert local news outlets so they know the photos are available once the students reach a certain level of proficiency," Chase said.  

           While the course has no prerequisites, classes also cover the basics of photojournalism, when photos may be taken and where, journalism in general and ethics. "Students will be given 'portrait assignments' and 'composition assignments,' so they also learn those aspect of news photography. There will also be 'technical assignments,'" Chase said. 

           Part of the course also deals with how much manipulation of photographs is permitted through the use of digital software without violating ethics standards or privacy law, he said.


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report