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 AACSB accepts accreditation plan, business faculty begin next step 





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AACSB accepts accreditation plan, business faculty begin next steps

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - The initial accreditation committee of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has accepted Slippery Rock University's School of Business Accreditation Plan and faculty are now proceeding to complete the full accreditation process.

            The University's first annual report is due in October and will include updates on curricular activities, assurance of learning and faculty scholarship. "To obtain AACSB accreditation will be a tremendous accomplishment for our school," said David Culp, chair of the school. "There are only 540 institutions worldwide are accredited by AACSB. Only 44 of these are wholly undergraduate programs. I know our faculty and staff will work diligently to implement and improve the plan as we move forward. The recognition this accreditation will bring our program will benefit students as they apply for jobs following accreditation."

            Culp said School of Business faculty would meet monthly to review progress reports from various subcommittees working on the accreditation plan. 

            Bruce Russell, dean of SRU's College of Business, Information and Social Sciences, commended Culp and John Misner, assistant chairperson, for this important step. "We know AACSB accreditation is important, not only for administrators and faculty, but as a way of recognizing our program is meeting national standards of excellence. Accreditation is important to students seeking a quality education. At SRU, we are committed to seeing our programs meet and exceed national standards such as those set by AACSB."

            AACSB accreditation requires five years to complete, including assessment of current programs, development of assurance of learning measures, faculty scholarship and finally both internal and external reviews.

            The School of Business has the vision of being the premier undergraduate business program in the region that is served by SRU.

Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.


Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report