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 Good News: SRU students place in top 18 percent at math competition 



SRU Good News for April 14, 2009


SRU students place in top 18 percent at math competition


For the third consecutive year, Slippery Rock University students have earned meritorious rankings in The Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The four-day competition, staged online, included more than 1,600 student teams from around the world, with the top 18 percent receiving a meritorious ranking.

            The competition, sponsored by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications, required students to work in teams of three and choose from among two problems. SRU's teams tackled the problem of designing a traffic circle to optimize traffic flow in a hypothetical city.

            "The meritorious ranking is a great accomplishment," said Richard Marchand, SRU associate professor of mathematics, who organized and mentored the SRU teams along with Athula Herat, assistant professor of physics. "It's a huge boost in morale for the students. It shows they can succeed in solving real-world problem. Other teams that earned meritorious rankings were from MIT, Stanford, Harvey Mudd College, Virginia Tech and Carnegie Mellon. The only other Pennsylvania schools to earn meritorious honors were teams from the University of Pittsburgh, Shippensburg, Clarion and Carnegie Mellon universities." 

            SRU's first team consisted of Josh White, a computer science major from New Castle; Djordje Petkovic, a mathematics major from Serbia, and Jesse Waldorf, a finance major from Mercer. The second team consisted of Ben Pearce, a mathematics major from Bellefonte; David Allen, a physics major from Olean, N.Y.; and Samantha Corvino, a mathematics major from East Greensbush, N.Y.

            SRU students put together a plan for minimizing traffic as if it were for a city manager, Marchand said. They determined how many lanes to use and whether the intersection needed yield signs, stop lights or other signage.


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