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 Good News: SRU's David Dailey and two students earn invite to conference 



SRU Good News for July 16, 2009


SRU's David Dailey and two students earn invite to conference

When the brightest computer graphics minds in the world gather this fall in Silicon Valley for a Google-hosted conference, David Dailey, Slippery Rock University professor of computer science, and two SRU students will be there to present a paper. Dailey will serve on the reviewing committee for other presentations as well.

 Dailey was invited to give a 30-minute presentation at the 7th International Conference on Scalable Vector Graphics Oct. 2-4 in Mountain View, Calif. He will present "Grapher - An Open Source, SVG-based Web Application for Graph Theorists."

 Dailey will deliver a second presentation with co-authors Eric Elder and Reno Perri, SRU computer science majors from Slippery Rock and Washington. Dailey also had one of his workshops accepted by the conference.

 Scalable Vector Graphics is a computer language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications. Dailey's paper was accepted after a conference committee of international experts reviewed his application abstract.

 The conference, at Google's Crittenden Campus, will include presentations from computer scientists hailing from Canada, the Netherlands, France, England, Switzerland and Australia. Brad Neuberg, developer advocate at Google for the Open Web, will deliver the keynote address on expanding the Web capabilities of Scalable Vector Graphics.

 The conference will also offer beginner and advanced presentations and workshops on the technical aspects of the language and interactive media art.

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