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 Good News: Danette DiMarco receives President's Award for scholarly work 



SRU Good News for March 26, 2009


Danette DiMarco receives President's Award for scholarly work 


           Danette DiMarco, a professor of English at Slippery Rock University since 1995, is the 2009 recipient of the President's Award for Scholarly Achievement for her work titled "Misfortune's Monsters/The Human�Race': Mina Loy's American Lineage and an Urban Poetry of Economic Deprivation."

            She will receive the honor at SRU's annual Academic Honors Convocation at 2 p.m. April 5 in Morrow Field House. Convocation salutes SRU's honor students and leaders for their achievements. Nearly 2,600 students will be honored this year.

            DiMarco's work was published in 2006 in Sagetrieb, the journal of the National Poetry Foundation. The issue was devoted to the topic of women poets of the 1950s, and DiMarco's article received critical support from modernist scholars Linda Kinnahan, author of "Poetics of the Feminine: Authority and Literary Tradition in William Carlos Williams, Mina Loy, Denise Levertov and Kathleen Fraser," published by Cambridge University Press.

           "Sagetrieb" is a word coined by poet Ezra Pound to denote a humane tradition in music and poetry gleaned from the past and passed on to the future. 

            In nominations supporting her recommendation for the award it was noted, she "is a scholar and a teacher, and it is only to be expected that her scholarship reflects both sides of her. She has published numerous pedagogical works focused on teaching writing to first-year students, including a chapter concerned with recording observations in primary research in the fourth edition of 'The Subject is Writing.'" The book was published by Heinemann Publishers.                    DiMarco's critical scholarship has been concerned with feminist authors in Victorian and 20th-century British and American literature. Her most recent work in this area, for which she is being honored, was selected in the jury-reviewed special issue of "Sagetrieb."  

           Sheearned her undergraduate, master's and doctorate degrees at Duquesne University.


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