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 Good News: SRU again makes Princeton Review's 'Best Northeast Colleges' list 



SRU Good News for July 31, 2009


SRU again makes Princeton Review's 'Best Northeast Colleges' list


A "wonderful business school," notable programs in music and physical therapy, residence halls "like palaces" and "excellent education students" were among the top reasons Slippery Rock University was again named one of the 218 best colleges and universities in the Northeast by The Princeton Review.

           The latest annual report, released this week, are part of the 2010 Best Colleges: Region by Region profiles derived from an 80-question survey presented to students. The "Best of the Northeast" listing of 642 institutions, including the SRU profile, may be found at The Princeton Review's Web site: The 2010 edition of The Princeton Review's  "Best Northeastern Colleges" book will be published Tuesday. 

           "Once again we are pleased to be included in The Princeton Review's report. This review gives our students the opportunity to report their view of campus. We are heartened to find they see Slippery Rock University as a quality academic institution, meeting their needs through outstanding facilities,"  said Robert Smith, SRU president.

           " We urge those considering college to look closely at Slippery Rock University's profile and compare us to other institutions. Slippery Rock University is the premier residential campus in Pennsylvania. Our academic programs are under constant review to help us assure both ourselves and our students that SRU continues to offer the latest technology and academic information they will need once they graduate. High school juniors and seniors throughout the Northeastern U.S. should take time to examine the wealth of opportunities available at Slippery Rock University as they decided where they want to continue their education. We think it is a great time to be at Slippery Rock University for anyone seeking a rock-solid education," Smith said.

           SRU students cited the campus as "breathtakingly beautiful" and passed kudos to the administration saying it "rock" adding, "They are very personable and take the time to listen to students."

"We chose Slippery Rock University and the other terrific schools we recommend as our 'regional best' colleges primarily for their excellent academic programs. We also work to have our roster of 'regional best' colleges feature a range of institutions by size, selectivity, character and locale. We choose the schools based on institutional data we collect from several hundred schools in each region, our visits to schools over the years and the opinions of independent and high school-based college advisers whose recommendations we invite. We also take into account what each school's customers - their students - report to us about their campus experiences at them on our 80-question student survey," said Robert Franek, Princeton Review's vice president of publishing.  

To read more kudos offered by students, visit:


Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.


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