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 SRU Honors Faculty for Dedicated Service 




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     SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. –  Slippery Rock University honored 45 faculty for their years of dedicated service, including Dr. John Nichols, professor of history for 40 years at the annual spring semester Academic Assembly held by President Robert M Smith.


     Smith praised the faculty for their dedication to students, their ongoing commitment to academics and their continued service in raising the academic standards of SRU. “Because of your relentless pursuit of academic growth, our students – your students – have reaped the rewards.” As part of his address, the president listed numerous student accomplishments and accolades earned during the past year.


     Faculty noted for their service in various categories were: 


40-Year Award

Dr. John Nichols              History                                   New Castle


35-Year Awards

Dr. Kundan Bhatia             Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work        Slippery Rock

J. Robert Bruya               Art                                 Grove City

Dr. Michael Detlefsen               Mathematics                         Slippery Rock

Dr. Maribeth Knaub                  Music                               Sewickley

Dr. William Lindgren                Mathematics                         Slippery Rock


30-Year Awards

Bruce Boliver                 Parks and Recreation/Environmental Education    Grove City

Joseph Lisciandro             School of Business                        Slippery Rock

Dr. George Mihalik                  Health and Safety                   Slippery Rock

Dr. Sue Shuttleworth                Music                               Grove City


25-Year Awards

Dr. Jace Condravy             English                                   Grove City

Frank Hulick                  Computer Science                    Butler

Dr. Abbas Mamoozadeh                School of Business                        Slippery Rock

Dr. Armand Policicchio              Academic Services                   Butler

Dr. Frederick Tannery               School of Business                        Pittsburgh


20-Year Awards

Dr. Robert Arnhold                  Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences            Grove City

Dr. Patsy Ann Johnson               Secondary Education/Foundations of Education    Butler

Dr. Marcy Leeds               Health and Safety                   Slippery Rock

Dr. Andrzej Szymanski               Mathematics                       Slippery Rock



15-Year Awards

Dr. Mark Banks                Communication                             Cranberry Twp.

Dr. Simon Beeching                  Biology                                   West Sunbury

Dr. Sherry DuPont             Elementary Education/Early Childhood            Grove City

Dr. Patrick Grant             Special Education                   Slippery Rock

Susan Kushner                 School of Physical Therapy                Valencia

Dr. Gerard Love               Counseling and Development                Pittsburgh

Dr. Colleen Neubert                 Music                               Sarver

Robert Ogoreuc                Physical Education                        Slippery Rock

Dr. Rachela Permenter               English                                   New Castle

Dr. Sam Thangiah              Computer Science                    Slippery Rock

Dr. Deborah Whitfield               Computer Science                    Grove City

Dr. Marilyn Yensick                 Elementary Education/Early Childhood            Brookfield, OH

Dr. William Zeiger                  English                                   New Castle


10-Year Awards

Dr. Robert Crafton                  English                                   Slippery Rock

Dr. Joanne Leight             Physical Education                        Grove City

Matthew Litterini             Music                               Pittsburgh

Randall Nichols               Physical Education                        New Castle

Ursula Payne                  Dance                               New Castle

Dr. J. Sunita Peacock               English                                   Slippery Rock

Dr. Joyce Penrose             Nursing                                   Pittsburgh

Dr. Kurt Pitluga              Art                                 Slippery Rock

Dr. Erica Scott               English                                   Slippery Rock

Dr. Timothy Smith             School of Physical Therapy                Belleview

Dr. Michael Stapleton               Geography, Geology and the Environment    Grove City

Dr. Steven Strain             Biology                                   Mercer

Dr. Glenn Utsch               Music                               Grove City


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report