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 SRU's DePalma twins share marshal duties at graduation 




April 30, 2010

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SRU's DePalma twins share marshal duties at graduation


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Amy and Autumn DePalma earned mostly A's as Slippery Rock University students; they shared class notes; roomed together; studied together; and will share marshal duties May 8 representing their college at SRU's spring commencement.

            The two are identical twins from Mt. Pleasant.

            Both will graduate from SRU's College of Business, Information and Social Sciences at the 2 p.m. ceremony in Morrow Field House.

Autumn will graduate with an accounting major and information systems minor.

Amy will receive her degree in communication and has focused on emerging technologies and multi-media studies.

            "We chose Slippery Rock University because it offered the academic areas both of us wanted," says Autumn. Both said they knew what they wanted to study when they enrolled and both have stayed the course. And, they say, they have "enjoyed the experience."

            "We took a number of our liberal studies course together. We only had one course together that doubled over in our academic majors," said Amy. As students, the two lived on campus in Patterson and Watson halls and now share a nearby apartment.

Both will graduate with 3.9+ grade-point averages. "That's because we have the same work ethic," said Amy.

            Autumn recently completed an assistantship working as a volunteer helping with federal income tax preparation, and Amy is enrolled in an internship with Spindle Publishing Co. where she will work part time following graduation.

"One of the advantages of coming to school together was that we were able to share books, so we saved money," Amy said. "And, sometimes only one of us had to go to class because we could share the notes," added Autumn.

            They both pursued separate interests at SRU, joining clubs and organizations related to their major. 

            The pair aren't the only twins in their family lineage: Their grandfather, on their mother's side, was a twin, as was an aunt. "We never met either of them, because they died before we were born," said Autumn.

            For the commencement ceremony, the twins' parents, along with two older brothers and two older sisters, will be on hand to see them carry the banner.         




READY TO GRADUATE: (From left) Twins Amy and Autumn DePalma, from Mt. Pleasant, will share honors as marshals at Slippery Rock University's 2 p.m. May 8 commencement ceremony in Morrow Field House.


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